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Filmed in February 1979, this performance shot for long-running German live music series “Rockpalast” — finds Wire still climbing, almost changing by the second. Two years earlier they were banging out amazing, minute-long punk rippers and here they’ve incorporated gloomy soundscapes, electronics and pure pop into their ever-morphing repertoire. Many of the songs that would appear on the band’s third album, “154” (released in October 1979), are here, including such greats as “The 15th,” “A Single KO,” and “Map Ref. 41°N 93°W,” alongside “older” songs like “Pink Flag,” “Practice Makes Perfect,” and “Another the Letter.” The band would go on hiatus a year later.

John Peel was a strong supporter of Wire, particularly during the band’s initial run of three ground breaking LPs on Harvest between 1977 and 1979, which coincided with their first three sessions for his show. The third session, featuring a single abstract piece called ‘Crazy About Love’, stood out as a landmark in Wire’s rapid evolution away from their early punk sound, as Colin Newman later recalled: “Instead of the usual four songs of three minutes, we did a 12-minute song, which was the antithesis of everything the Peel show was about: short, punky, unpretentious. A rumour reached us that he wasn’t pleased, but fair play to him, he played it – twice.

Widely viewed as one of the leading bands of the post-punk era, Wire were a major influence on many outfits played by Peel in later years.

This is Wire at their tense peak and the polite TV audience makes it all the more wonderfully strange.

Wire: Colin Newman (vocals, guitar), Graham Lewis (bass, vocals) Bruce Gilbert (guitar) Robert Gotobed (drums)

Setlist: 00:41 Another The Letter 01:53 The 15th 04:36 Practice Makes Perfect 07:26 Two People In A Room 09:20 I Feel Mysterious Today 11:20 Being Sucked In Again 13:54 Once Is Enough 16:42 Blessed State 19:41 A Question of Degree 22:27 Single KO 24:54 Mercy 30:40 40 Versions 34:45 Former Airline 35:52 A Touching Display 42:07 French Film Blurred 44:41 Men 2nd 46:15 Map Ref. 41°N 93°W 50:06 Heartbeat 54:39 Pink Flag 57:42 “THANK YOU”

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

This is one of the greatest sets from the infamous “Rockpalast” live shows ever. It took place at the “Docks” in Hamburg on April 23rd 1999, just a few steps away from the ” Indra” and the “Kaiserkeller”, where The Beatles first played in Hamburg. I’m pretty sure the band knew that, and they were inspired by the fact, that George and the other boys were there nearly 40 years ago. And it was like playing a small club again. I watched this so often, i’d almost think i was there. It has a wonderful setlist ! Great songs from “Wildflowers” and “Echo” and beautiful interpretations from J.J. Cale, S.Stills, Van Morrison & Booker T. Thanks to the “Rockpalast” for bringing great music to us over 40 years. One of the tour s finest shows, the entire set at this remarkable German concert was recorded for FM radio broadcast and simultaneous TV transmission,

When Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmomt Tench and Co. were re-recorded by Rockpalast in 1999, they already had 10 joint studio albums under their belt and were superstars. The concert of the rockers in the Hamburger Docks showed the band in top form.

They used to play their own hits over two hours like “Learning To Fly”, “I Will not Back Down” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, but also covers like “Green Onions” or “Gloria”. Petty made a lot of humorous announcements and solo-ed with Mike Campbell . A real treat.

Setlist: 1. Around And Around 2. Jammin’ Me 3. Running Down A Dream 4. Breakdown 5. Call Me The Breeze 6. Swingin’ 7. Don’t Do Me Like That 8. Diamond Head 9. Mary Jane’s Last Dance 10. I Won’t Back Down 11. Listen To Her Heart 12. Green Onions 13. It’s Good To Be King 14. Lucille 15. Little Maggie 16. Lay Down That Old Guitar 17. Walls 18. Angel Dream 19. For What It’s Worth 20. Room At The Top 21. Guitar Boogie Shuffle 22. American Girl 23. Honey Bee 24. I Don’t Want To Fight 25. You Wreck Me 26. Free Girl Now 27. Free Fallin’ 28. G-L-O-R-I-A 29. Learning To Fly

Performed April 23rd, 1999

Musicians: Tom Petty, vocals, guitar Mike Campbell, guitar Scott Thurston, guitar, vocals Howie Epstein, bass, vocals Benmont Tench, keyboards Steve Ferrone, drums

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