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Sean Lennon recorded a song in honor of Andy Warhol to support a new exhibit, “Letters to Andy Warhol,” Exhibition which opened on Monday in New York City. “Being raised by a single mom, I was always looking for some kind of paternal influence,” the singer/songwriter says of Warhol, whom he met as a child. “Andy was like an eccentric uncle to me. He taught me a lot about art and humor.”

Despite his familiarity with his subject, Lennon was initially reluctant to pen a track inspired by Warhol. “When they asked me to write a song about him, I was hesitant at first, since [David] Bowie already wrote the quintessential Warhol song,” Lennon explains. (Bowie included “Andy Warhol” on his 1971 album Hunky Dory.) When Lennon eventually agreed to write the song, he enlisted the help of girlfriend and bandmate Charlotte Kemp Muhl and “tried approaching it more like a surreal biography.”
The resulting tribute, “Love and Warhol,” revolves around a sharp, loping beat and lightly strummed guitar. Warhol’s penchant for signatures makes it into the lyrics – “he collected every autograph” – as do other biographical details, like Warhol’s Pittsburgh birthplace and his connection to the famous New York City club Studio 54. The chorus serves as a breathy reminder of the Pop Art pioneer’s artistic impact: “He knows that they won’t forget the man/ Who could hold the whole world in a can.”


Andy Warhol freaked out Sean Lennon by giving him a taxidermied pet cat for his eighth birthday. When asked what Warhol was “going for” when he chose the gift, Lennon said, “I really don’t know.”

The singer revealed that when he unwrapped the gift, his mother, Yoko Ono, was “kind of disturbed despite her love of cats” and that the family’s (living) felines were “immediately enraged.” In the story — revealed for the first time included in an new “Letters To Andy Warhol” exhibit that just opened at the Cadillac House. Lennon writes, “After a brief time on a shelf in my bedroom, it was decided that Andy’s cat should reside permanently in the window of the office on the ground floor,” where it stayed until “neighbours complained and we had to take it down.”

He added, “Each day on my way to school I would walk by the office and wonder why it was that Andy gave me that cat.”