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Rising slacker star Lauran Hibberd is getting her revenge on a shitty ex with her new track ‘Old Nudes’ which takes an embaresing moment from the past and transforms it into a huge life affirming anthem, striking back at all the crap guys out there.

“‘Old Nudes’ is unfortunately based upon a true story. We’ve all been there right!? The track looks back on the ‘mistake’, and almost mocks it using over confidence. It belittles the receiver, and oozes sarcasm and naivety. I keep writing songs about being young because I’m scared of getting too old to joke about these things”.

“I jumped into a pool of Weezer and found myself confessing my old nude anxieties. The song resents itself in a laughable way, and hints at how it really feels to hate someone you once loved.”

“The video felt appropriate to self record, not only because of isolation but because it encapsulates the setting in how we all get into this mess in the first place. The webcam on my old laptop has seen some sites in its life, but never quite to this extent. There’s something quite special about not giving a damn, and this song and this video cements that idea. I can’t wait to cringe at this in six months time.”

Lauran Hibberd
Released on: 2020-04-23

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Lauran Hibberd works up a sweat to end the year with ‘Sweat Patch’, the latest slacker pop number to follow her debut EP, ‘Everything is Dogs’, released earlier this autumn.

“’Sweat Patch’ is arguably a song about drugs, but it’s not like I’m trying to be cool about it,” she says of the track, released today. “I’m pretty much frigid with anything unprescribed. But because of that, this song is based on my idea of that world. There’s loads of songs about getting high, not as many songs about watching and I guess analysing other people do it. I guess this is me, soberly sat in a room watching all of my friends take drugs. I guess there’s also a nod to the elephant in the room, A DUDE. There’s always a dude! And I guess this song stemmed from me being into this guy, but he was pretty much into other things more.”

Released on: 2019-11-07