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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard member Cook Craig’s solo project has dominated this week’s ARIA Vinyls chart. 

Craig’s Pipe-eye has taken out the top two spots with the extended version of 2015 debut Cosmic Blip and limited edition version of 2017’s Laugh About Life respectively. Cook Craig’s 2017 follow up to Cosmic Blip, “Laugh About Life“, is an album that explored new territory for him aesthetically, moving away from the reverb drenched approach of previous recordings. More tight and succinct in its delivery, the songs were short, snappy and pop oriented.

Still present were interludes peppered throughout the record, however this time they delved into a whole other sphere entirely, sounding like something from a nostalgic other-worldly toy box, bouncing between the songs like a slow paced game of pong. These ‘Acts’ set the mood for the preceding songs, as the album unfolds into a melodious and symphonic play of sorts. Laugh About Life is a humorous and jovial musical campaign, always heading in one direction, yet disappearing swiftly in its conclusion, like a dream or an elusive memory. 

The Pipe-eye debuts managed to hold Artic Monkeys‘ AM at #3 and Skegss‘ Rehearsal at #4 which debuted at #1 on the Albums chart last week.

The news comes a month after King Gizzard’s 17th studio album, LW, debuted in the chart’s top 40, with the vinyl of that record also expected to drop soon.