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This Is The Kit is the musical project of Kate Stables and whoever joins her. You thought you didn’t like the banjo but you were wrong pal. Listen as Kate rips forward with her hypnotic twang pattern and a voice of rare, unaffected beauty. This is the Kit is honest music. It’s how it really is! Honest and eager, that’s what makes it so beautiful.

This Is The Kit’s first studio album release was recorded in Italy and produced by John Parish. It was first released on Microbe records (France) in 2006
Originally released April 18th, 2015


Recorded by Marco Tagliola and produced by John Parish in Italy 2006. Featuring Kate Stables – vocals, guitar and banjo; John Parish – drums; Julien Barbagalo – drums; Jamie Whitby Coles – drums; Jesse Morningstar – violin, guitar, vocals, percussion.