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In March 2020, the Nashville-based artist experienced the devastating tornado that tore through much of East Nashville, followed by the global pandemic. Tuttle, who grew up in California and has toured as a solo artist for years, suddenly found herself—along with the rest of the musician community—sheltering at home. She found solace in revisiting favourite songs from throughout her life in an attempt to “remind myself why I love music.” She conceptualized an idea for a record with renowned LA producer Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Andrew Bird) to be recorded over 2,000 miles apart.

Molly Tuttle’s new covers album, “But I’d Rather Be With You”, is out August 28th and has her taking on songs by The National, Arthur Russell, Karen Dalton, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Harry Styles, Cat Stevens and more. Here’s her cover of Rancid’s “Olympia, Washington,” which she’s reworked into a twangy rocker. “I used to listen to Rancid and Operation Ivy all the time as an angsty 7th grader, and a couple of friends and I spent many hours learning their songs to perform at our school concerts,” says Tuttle. “Years later, I still love these songs!! When I played a show in Olympia, WA last fall this song was stuck in my head all day so we learned it at sound check and played it in the show. Then in December I showed it to Ketch Secor and we played it on our duo tour — he also sang harmony on this track and sounds terrific.

This song is so good and just makes me super happy for unexplainable reasons.”

From Molly Tuttle’s upcoming covers album “…But I’d Rather Be With You” available August 28th, 2020.