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Kicking off with “Tomorrow People” reaching into the future, a future none of us want but seem to be moving towards, and asking how it’s going. The frustration many of us have felt with how the direction the world as a whole has been moving towards is felt in this song and is the mission statement of the record. Jeremy can write quite the sprawling tale as seen on “Paradise Alley” that’s so vivid you can picture it unfolding in front of you as you listen. There’s a Dylan, Petty, Young feel to the whole record with “Hands Down Your Pockets” feeling like an amalgam of all three. This is an angry record pointing directly at everything happening in the world. “White Shadow” is about the current Black Lives Matter movement and how white people’s time in power is over. “Things Could Get Much Worse” is pretty self-explanatory in the title, but it’s the wit of the lyrics that really sells it.

The most scathing take on society as it stands today is “Someone Else’s Problem” and it really nails how many people feel on a day to day basis. There is so much going and so many folks are angry at one another and looking to blame someone else, but in the end “they’re really no such thing as someone else’s problem”. “Loser Town” could have been written by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at any time in his career and Ivey along with his band  The Extraterrestrials do their best impression of the band on the record and it feels like a love letter to Petty. There’s that guitar riff, everyday man quality, and current storytelling that feels like it could have been written about any era that is so Petty-esque. “How It Has To Be” closes the record out showing off all the tricks lyrically by Jeremy and musically by the band that they’ve displayed on the rest of the album. It’s such a beautiful last track. This is such a great record and deserved far more spins than it got.


I can’t say enough great things about this album and this man. These songs are a very realistic view of our world. The pictures Jeremy paints are both sad and hopeful. He truly is a word smith for our times… I can’t wait for all the great things yet to come his way. 

Jeremy Ivey – guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, synth, The Extraterrestrials are:
Evan Donohue – guitar, vocals
Coley Hinson – bass, vocals
Alex Munoz – guitar, lap steel
Josh Minyard – drums, percussion

Special guests: Margo Price – vocals, percussion

Dillion Napier – drums, percussion
Micah Hulscher – organ, piano, synth, electric piano
Dexter Green – vocals and additional arrangement on Movies

Released October 16th, 2020

Production – Margo Price
Co-production – Jeremy Ivey and The Extraterrestrials
Arrangements – Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey and The Extraterrestrials