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I found this incredible songwriter only about a month ago when at a gig a friend told me how I would love this album because of our love for Springsteen Tom Joad era, but I was too entrenched in the volume of albums for the end of the year to give it a fair listen. When I was compiling my favorite albums for the year, I gave it another listen and immediately made a spot for it. It brought me back to the mission of this blog, to support new artists with incredible talent.


His gravel tested voice plays well with his honest and beautiful songwriting. Tracks like “Billy Burroughs” showcase his tremendous narration while “Time Away” is a straightforward and masterful ballad. There is not a dud on this album and we would be hard-pressed to find a better set of songs within this or any genre. Jeffrey Martin is the real deal and should be on any and every device you play music.  I don’t know but in this life I believe we only get one go ’round- get ready to place this in the top 5 of 2017

Jeffrey Martin’s song “Burroghs” this song is one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t mean this year. I mean ever. Martin’s precision in songwriting is probably once in a generation. He’s in very elite company when it comes to the ability to match a folk song ethos with cathartic, sometimes chilling lyrics. The lonesome quality in his vocals helps to punctuate the tragedy of Burroughs’ life as expressed in the song. This is truly exceptional work.

Jeffrey Martin’s music has been compared to songwriters like Josh Ritter and Joe Pug. “I’m a writer more than I am a musician. If I could play guitar half as well as I can write I’d be wearing nicer pants.” His songwriting has earned him opening slots for the likes of Anais Mitchell, Sean Hayes, Frank Fairfield, Joe Pug, Gregory Alan Isakov, David Wilcox, and others.

Jeffrey Martin has recently partnered with Fluff and Gravy Records in Portland, OR, and is releasing a full length album with them . The album, entitled Dogs in the Daylight, is an ambitious 15 track collection that is full of weight and intricacy. While the new album is bigger than his previous albums, complete with piano, bass, fiddle, drums, and even trumpet, the songs are still largely carried by Jeffrey’s voice and the sincerity of this songwriting – the very qualities that separate him from his peers.