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Having spent the past five years releasing increasingly great albums, perfecting their vision of tattered indie rock with sharp stabs of post-punk, psych, twangy hardcore, and their own unique go at jangly art pop, Over Everything, is a sweeping collision of opposing forces, a menacing blend of explosive dynamics and infectious melodies. Opening with the blur of “On Dogs,” the picture slowly comes into focus, disorienting your senses before exploding into a sugary sweet melody on top of increasingly shaky ground. Superteen prove once again to expect the unexpected. There’s a disarming sense of calm when their songs are slow to unravel, but they do so with a majestic fury. Stinging guitars and stuttering polyrhythms crash around the doubled vocals of Sam Robinson and Meryl Schultz, their voices working together in ragged harmony and spastic abandon. From there, the carnage ensues, a sound that Superteen do better than most – like a tornado running through a small town and everyone just shouting rather than taking cover.


This is without question the best Superteen record so far. Each of their previous releases have been at least partial departures from the sound of the last one. “Over Everything” feels like an amalgamation of all of the best moments on prior releases, and yet is wholly unique and full of surprises. I seriously cannot recommend this album (and band) enough.

Superteen is:
Patrick Dunning – Bass
Chris Faria – Percussion
Jackson Martel – Guitar
Sam Robinson – Vocals
Meryl Schultz – Vocals

Additional vocals in Leaks and Sweet Tooth Part Two provided by Henry Maclean and Tyler Zizzo
Additional vocals in On Dogs and Tasteless Universe provided by Katie Dube
Additional guitar in Peace Line provided by Cory Best