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Holly Rankin’s discography to date under her Jack River moniker sounds like compilation from the late 90s: she is a master of hitting upon nostalgic moods without simply offering up facsimiles of any era’s tropes. Adolescent somehow blends melodic and lyrical influences from Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box and Bob Marley’s Is this Love? and ends up miles from either. Adopting garage-born power chords and palm-muted verses before bursting into a sugary chorus peppered with “love” and “hey” and all the other hallmarks of great rock music, this song is as deliberately teenage as the title suggests. Even the swearing sounds perfectly bratty.


Proving that rock music can be catchy as well, newcomer Jack River is turning heads already. With a sound similar to early PJ Harvey, mixed in with the songwriting sensibilities of some of the best Beatles singles, you’ve got an amazing artist on your hands who is looking unstoppable. a pumped-up and pristine debut from Australian newcomer Jack River who seems to be all about choruses bright enough to power cities. No complaints coming from these quarters. Her debut EP Highway Songs No2 is out now on I Oh You Records.

“I wrote and recorded Palo Alto through so many moments in my life that the song became a kind of folder for memories and sentiments over a long stretch of time. I started writing it in my hometown, then continued it in Sydney (my friend lived in a building called Palo Alto), and then wrote the rest in different trips to the studio.”

“It was always destined to be sun-drenched and gritty and gilded in synths and electric guitars – I wanted to find the line between the 90’s, early 2000’s and now, and blend all my dreams of a highway song into one. The moment this song came together, production-wise, it felt like the beginning of Jack River. It’s about letting go but not giving up, melancholic-but-sure endings, and people realising magic when it’s too late – even though you knew it all along.”