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Club Intl, the collaboration between Johnny Jewel (Chromatics) and John Eatherly (Public Access TV), has just shared a thier single “Never Be the Same”. This new supergroup alert! Johnny Jewel is the producer behind a whole array of bleary, dreamy, cinematic synthpop projects. Chromatics, is best-known group, released the album Closer To Grey last year, and their long-awaited Dear Tommy is apparently still forthcoming. Lately, Jewel has also been releasing music with Desire and remixing Angel Olsen, and now he’s part of a new group called Club Intl.

Jewel isn’t the frontman of Club Intl. Instead, the man in charge is John Eatherly, the former Be Your Own Pet member who once led the New York indie rock band Public Access TV. Cults singer Madeline Follin is also a part of Club Intl, as is Cults collaborator Maxwell Kamins. Johnny Jewel produced the band’s debut single “Crush,” a delirious piece of woozy, synthy indie-pop. Jewel’s music, it turns out, sounds a whole lot different if there’s an indie rock dude singing. Jewel also directed the “Crush” video, which fits his whole watching-a-’70s-exploitation-flick-while-high aesthetic.

“Never Be The Same” · Club Intl · John Eatherly released through Italians Do It Better : 2021-02-19 

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Now approaching their fourteenth year as Krakow Loves Adana, Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann have long been Germany’s best kept music secret. Their mix of dark-pop, indie rock, and krautorock would have been considered revolutionary if the year was 1975 and they were performing in one of Berlin’s underground clubs. Their exceptional 2017 album, Call Yourself New, made the melancholic exhilarating, as they examined the perils faced by various characters. 2018’s brilliantly brooding Songs After the Blue, meanwhile, was a study of the changing world and how things have turned upside down.

For the duo to be heard, they created their own label, Better Call Rob, but a year ago another label finally signed them. Specifically, Italians Do It Better, the company co-founded by Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel, have given them a chance to shake the label of hidden gem. Their newest single should hopefully be the start of an unforgettable adventure.

“Young Again” personifies Krakow Loves Adana sensational art. Like a Dali painting, it is numerous conflicting parts. It is dark and stunning, dramatic and thrilling, melancholic yet bold. The dark, spatial synths and beats combine with Heitmann’s dissonant guitar to create a soundscape that feels like the anthem for lonely souls. Cicek’s words mirror this feeling, as she confronts time and how it deteriorates the places we know, our relationships, and our memories. The song couldn’t be more timely, as time may indeed be running out.

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Closer To Grey is the new album from Portland’s Chromatics. Closer To Grey is the first album the band released since 2012. Amongst others, it contains reverent cover versions of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence or Jesus And Mary Chain’s On The Wall. The minimalistic Synth-Sound of previous albums is not lost though, and singer Ruth Radelet proves once again how tender and at the same time powerful a voice can sound.

Chromatics are no strangers to pulsating synths and electronic melodies, all wrapped around with lead singer’s Ruth Radelet’s dulcet tones. With their latest single “Toy,” the band further embraces their danceable and intoxicating sound by diving into a cinematic exploration of forgetting those who hurt you, despite possessing strong feelings of love towards them. Keyboard strokes and bustling drum machine beats all coalesce into a shimmering listening experience that fits perfectly for those late-night stargazing and introspective moments.


The Chromatics album “Closer to Grey” features a haunting rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence,” and that track is now the basis of a new EP they just released digitally for $1. The band have had an unexpectedly productive year. After pushing back Dear Tommy for four years—if it’s even coming out at all at this point—the band released new album Closer to Grey, their first full-length album in seven years. Now, they’re adding to that with a new EP featuring a handful of covers and an unreleased original track. The Sound of Silence EP, which was released on Friday digitally via their Italians do it Better label, features two versions of the band’s cover of “The Sound of Silence” (which is also featured on Closer to Grey), as well as a cover of Jackson C. Frank’s “I Want to Be Alone” and a new acoustic track called “Burning Bridges.” Hear the full EP in its entirety below.


(0:00) The Sound Of Silence (On Film) (2:28) I Want To Be Alone (6:14) Burning Bridges (8:10) The Sound Of Silence Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel