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Rose Hotel is not a hotel at all. It’s a band. But that doesn’t mean that their tunes won’t make you dream, with their lo-fi, bedroom indie-pop sound.

Rose Hotel, aka Atlanta-based musician Jordan Reynolds, specializes in dream pop that won’t put you to sleep. “Write Home,” an enchanting bedroom piece that quickly evolves into a spacey, twang-tinged jam, was the third and final tune to arrive before the record, and it’s perhaps the most arresting. It’s a miraculous mix of psych-rock, pop and jazz that shouldn’t work, but Reynolds and her band (made up of other ATL aces from groups like Material Girls, Neighbor Lady, Karaoke and Palm Sunday) knit them all tightly together for a full, bold sound. The warped guitars and hurried drums sound like Aussie psych; the relaxed trumpet and pedal steel like a fusion of early blues and jazz.

Rose Hotel’s debut full-length record “I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes” is out May 31st, 2019