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Time for some girl talk. Moaning Lisa’s breakthrough single is, by their own admission and design, a very lesbian affair. It’s celebrity crushes and heart-eyes-emoji lust, as backed by a slinking bass-line and a big-business riff. They cut to the point, and will wash you right out of their hair if you disagree. Even if you’re not – as 10 Thing I Hate About You put it – a k.d. lang fan, there’s so much to enjoy here that it doesn’t even matter. If you can appreciate a tongue-in-cheek indie-rocker with an attitude to it, you can get behind “Carrie.”

Official Video for ‘Carrie (I Want A Girl) released by Moaning Lisa on January 19th, 2018. Don’t be alarmed, it’s not a dodgy internet connection – this video is intentionally lo-fi. .

Moaning Lisa’s second EP, Do You Know Enough?, is the audio equivalent of four seasons in one day. When “Lily” rolls around, the storm is settling in and things are taking a turn for the worse. A considerable stylistic departure for the Canberra natives, “Lily” is a slow-motion lucid dream in which a private universe crumbles and drifts into the abyss. Anchored by picked-out bass and beds of guitar feedback, the song subtly sweeps and builds to what may be the single most devastating lyric of the year: “Now I have nothing left for you to take.” Welcome to heartbreak.

Band Members
Charlie – vox/bass/guitar
Hayley – guitar/bass/vox
Ellen – lead guitar
Hayden – drums

‘Lily’ is taken from Moaning Lisa’s sophomore EP, ‘Do You Know Enough?’ out now on Hysterical Records (AU) and Father/Daughter Records (US).