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We’re highlighting new music from Philadelphia’s Purling Hiss , so get ready to rock out with lots of fuzzed guitars.

The trio released their new album recently  “High Bias” this past Friday. They’re a band that seems to keep a steady stream of material flowing, as this marks their third record for Drag City in just four years. And yet they never feel thrown together or haphazard – everything Mike Polizze and comany put to tape is patiently coaxed out of a collection of years-old riffs and spur-of-the-moment jams. For its part, “Fever” showcases Hiss’ layered, full sound that is still nuanced. We get scuzzy guitars and a barrage of percussion right out the gate, with Polizze’s garage-fi vocals slinking in amidst howls and solos.


Purling Hiss' beer label | courtesy of Purling Hiss

In High Bias lies every incarnation of Purling Hiss. The nine-song album is teeming with pounding overdriven riffs, guitar noise and its subsequent shredding and grooves throughout. All of which have become mainstays for the Mike Polizze-led power trio. This album doesn’t wax poetic around anything, High Bias is loud.

2014’s Weirdon brought a more accessible pop-tinged Purling Hiss to the light, ushering in this year’s three-song Something EP. While both were certainly welcomed and nothing felt out of place, it left something to be desired for the camp that shows up for Polizze’s frenetic soloing at Purling Hiss shows. And High Bias is probably the best example,  Polizze steps up his vocal range on the mid-tempo “Follow You Around,” without missing a step. It’s refreshing to hear him grow as a vocalist that’s often been a bit held back, or maybe reserved, up until now. “Get Your Way” swaggers, hooking you in its verses and bangs on its guitar lead, before completing with an overdriven bridge.

High Bias is stacked with every part of Purling Hiss that leaves your ears ringing in the ways you recognize best, while keeping ringing to tones you haven’t felt yet.