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HMLTD have unveiled details of an ambitious project, announcing the first “ever-evolving song” with the different elements that control it to be auctioned as NFTs. With each thread of new track ‘Leaving’ repeating endlessly in cyberspace, fans will be able to alter it so that the song fundamentally changes, and becomes one of 6,400 completely different, unheard songs.

On April 26th, the band will be selling off the layers of vocals, guitar, chords, bass, drums and FX. Then, it will be up to the new owners to make the song whatever they want it to be.

HMLTD are following the likes of Kings Of Leon, Grimes, Gorillaz, Lindsay Lohan and Aphex Twin in making use of the rising NFT trend. NFTs “act like digital gold bars, rare trading cards or paintings kept in safe storage – they’re kept on the blockchain (basically a Cloud for financial assets, but where everyone with an account keeps a note of what you own) in your name but you can only sell or trade them as collectibles.”

However in going far beyond simply using NFTs to add value to records or artwork by making them collectible again, HMLTD are using the blockchain to actually create music.

“The first thing that most people had in mind [with NFTs] was ‘let’s make the things we already have unique, let’s put my little painting on the blockchain or my song on the blockchain’,” HMLTD drummer Achilleas Sarantaris. said

“That didn’t really resonate with me because that feels like a cash grab, it feels a bit gimmicky. What [programmable art start-up] Async were doing at the time was they were using the technology to provide a function for tokens as well, and I immediately thought this could be so good with music, to get the audience involved in the actual creation and the making the artwork rather than just the consumption of it.”

Explaining more about the project will work, Achilleas continued: “If you buy one of the layers, essentially you control the levers of what the song is at any given moment. So say I buy the drum layer. I can then go onto the gallery [where the master song is kept] and I can choose which drums I want there to be live right now in the master. I choose, say, the acoustic drums, and then immediately this will be reflected in the actual song and the artwork, and whoever is streaming the song at that given point will listen to the choice I made until I change my choice.”

Guitarist Duc Peterman added: “We wrote at least 300 or 400 parts for this song. We’ve written it so it can go all the way from a piano ballad to a dubstep remix and everything in between, passing through a synth pop song, going to more like Fleetwood Mac, or an ‘80s post punk song. We wanted to make sure that each different iteration actually had a massive repercussion on what the song is. It’s probably, after our album, the second most massive project we’ve ever done. An insane amount of work.”

The song, they claim, can be altered to make over 6,400 completely different songs in different styles. “Not just trivially different from one another but a thousand different songs, essentially,” said singer Henry Spychalski. “There are hundreds of versions of those songs which we’ve never heard ourselves, but they exist in potentiality. It’s very likely that most of the different iterations and versions that the song goes through in its lifetime will be ones that we’ve never heard before. It’s a permanently evolving dynamic artwork that’s never in a stable state. What we’re doing is taking the core tenet of the blockchain, which is decentralisation, and we’re applying it to artistic creation and authorship itself.”

Check out the exclusive trailer for the project above,

HMLTD’s ‘Leaving’ NFT auction will take place on April 26.

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London based five-piece HMLTD release their long-awaited debut album, West of Eden”. The expansive, labyrinthine debut has been several years in the making, a daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression. Across its 15 tracks, the band’s artistic vision is realised in full technicolour, with all shades of their sonic palette used to create an album that is equal parts lush and abrasive.

HMLTD formed back in 2015, but they only hit our radar screens when we saw them at a festival the previous year year. And now, they’ve engrained themselves in our psyches. Formerly known as Happy Meal Ltd, the London-based sextet are charting a new course for glam rock and punk with their extremely outlandish live performances. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching the cast of a musical as lead vocalist Henry Spychalski dances his way around stage through their sets. There is almost certainly no other performer or performers around like HMLTD.

They’re going to be a big love or hate band, but that’s probably what the band will be trying to draw out of those watching. The music is like a mix of Bowie and Adam Ant, with real cool ’80s vibes in songs like “Proxy Love”. The experimental band were picked up by Sony Records in 2017, so expect to hear a lot more from HMLTD over the next few years, whether it’s love for their sound or dislike for their bizarre style. Either way, they’ll be great to get a reaction.

HMTLD are Henry Spychalski (vocals), James (guitar), Duke (guitar), Nico (bass), Zac (keys), and Achilleas (drums).

Arguably the most stylish new band doing the rounds at the minute, but have they got the substance to match? Find out for yourselves as their collision of new romanticism, punk, funk and all things in between looks set to bring Friday’s fringe event to a chaotic close.

No band in the UK is talked about as much as HMLTD. Live, they’re like a potent mix of The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain and The Prodigy and with Faris Badwan having been in the studio with them recently it wil be exciting to see what comes out next year. 2017 is theirs for the taking

West of Eden, due for release on 7th February 2020.

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London-based five-piece HMLTD are gearing up to an early New Year drop with the announcement of their long-awaited debut album, ‘West of Eden’, set to arrive on February 7th 2020 via independent label Lucky Number.

The expansive, labyrinthine debut has been several years in the making; a daring collection of songs created to incite conversation about proposed new visions of masculinity, the decadence of western capitalism and the violence of insecurity and repression. Across its 15 tracks, the band’s artistic vision is realised in full technicolour, with all shades of their sonic palette used to create an album that is equal parts lush and abrasive.


HMLTD also have shared the video for new single and album opener, ‘The West Is Dead’. Shot by Niall Trask, it continues the band’s run of thought provoking yet beautiful visual outings.

“This is not dystopia, but a mirror up to late capitalism; where we are and where we’re headed,” says singer Henry Spychalski of the track. “Sick dolphins lap at the tide, the insects have all dropped from the skies and the global economy enters free fall. Ecological catastrophe guaranteed. The West is dead. Atomised, alienated and apathetic”

Our debut album, West of Eden, will be released on 7th February 2020. It is a chronicle of struggle, born of struggle. Bringing it into the world has been the single greatest pain and privilege of our lives. Dust we are, and to dust we will return.
With all our love,

HMLTD head out on a UK/EU tour next February.

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HMLTD are one of the most musically confounding and interesting looking new bands in London the six-piece from the south of the city, have over the past year gained a cult following on the back of a set of singles which combined razor-sharp post-punk with glam rock feel and spaghetti western-style imagery .With HMLTD,  there are no half measures. Everything about this band is channelled into their art, their music, their look and their videos. They give everything they’ve got into the delightfully complex and boundary-pushing universe they have crafted.

That sentiment and mission is none more evident than in their latest visual experience for their third single release ‘Single To The Door’, a dystopian sci-fi Western delight once again directed by collaborator Jenkin van Zyl. It opens with jangling Pulp Fiction style guitars, but then electronic womps soon take over,

Bandsman Henry  Spychalski with a look like Thin White Duke-era Bowie explained the story behind the video. “It took one day to film, it was intense. The video was recorded in London, just North of Camden, we rented the mechanical bull, I had to ride on that for about an hour. If I can say so, I was the best on the mechanical bull, I was having to swing a microphone in the air, which is actually quite difficult, while I was on a mechanical bull lip syncing the track – many times I hit myself in the face with the microphone, I started bleeding and stuff. It’s hard.”