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If you were at Happyness’ London Birthdays show earlier this week, chances are you’re still wringing the sweat outta your clothes. I know I am. The fast-rising slackers’ last hometown headline show, in November, saw them bring with them onstage a six-foot statue of Jesus. The trio needed no such divine intervention to impress this time, careening through tracks from last year’s fuzzy first album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ with breathless urgency, to a rammed Birthdays crowd. “This could go pretty wrong,” bassist Jonny Allan confessed to the audience before a debut live airing of plaintive piano ballad ‘Reagan’s Lost Weekend’ – but that’s them all over. Happyness are at their best when flirting with disaster. From short-and-sweet garage-rock churn ‘Great Minds Think Alike…’, to Wilco-ish anthem ‘It’s On You’, their mix of melancholia and cheery grunge-pop dips in and out of thrashy guitar dissonance, forever threatening to fall apart at the seams. It’s part of what makes them so thrilling.

Their new single ‘A Whole New Shape’ is no different, honing rather than evolving their brilliant debut’s alchemy of sweet, breathy melodies and scrunched noise. A bouncy three and a half minutes of lamenting lyrics (“I wanna take it all back”) and low-slung Pixies scrawl, the track’s set to feature on a deluxe edition of ‘Weird Little Birthday’, out on March 30th via new label Moshi Moshi. If you love bands like Wilco, Pavement and Built To Spill and aren’t all over this band already.
This February, Happyness are touring with Slow Club across the UK. See dates above the player.
05 Oxford, The Bullingdon
06 Norwich, Arts Centre
07 Colchester, Arts Centre
11 Stoke, Sugarmill
13 Pocklington, Arts Centre
14 Edinburgh, Pleasance Theatre
15 Hebden Bridge, Trades
16 Liverpool, Arts Club
23 Leeds, Wardrobe
24 Leicester, Cookie Jar
26 Gloucester, Guildhall
27 Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
28 Sheffield, Queens Social Club


Here Is a new recording the band HAPPYNESS have made of “Jelly Boy (Jesus, Baby)” done for  Art is Hard Records there are only 4 physical copies but there are as many free downloads as you can download. 2014 has been a great year for the band playing a lot of festivals and releasing the superb EP . Instruments feel fun again. Our musical friends have always had a smile on their face, but this past year has encouraged a rather large one.

Ive been struck by the trio Happyness write  witty and intelligent smart songs and with their ferocious guitars attacks of bass and lead guitars with definite American influences from bands like Pavement  Benji Compston and Jonny Allan shared vocal, guitar and bass duties with off the cuff observations about dead swans and pastoral England  while drummer Ash Cooper might easily make the shortlist as the most animated drummer at CMJ music fest in New York City. Songs like “Anything I Do Is All Right” or “It’s On You,” with more hushed, lo-fi fuzzed out guitar like the eight-minute reverie of “Weird Little Birthday Girl,” that makes Happyness so utterly distinctive. they have been one of the highlights of my festival Summer please check out the mini album “Weird Little Birthday” one of the best releases of the year.


A band with a twisted and dry sense of humour their classic song “Montreal Rock Band Somewhere” talks about scalping Win Butler and wearing his hair,Happyness are a band like no other in tone rhythm and the degrees of sadness and appropriately Happyness too.

Happyness have been one of my favourite bands of the year, The alt rock band have smooth slacker melodies and vocal infections that recall “Pavement” thick bass line and guitar lines make a brilliant musical combination, the band are just perfect.Debut album “Weird Little Birthday” leaves “Happyness” as one of the best bands and is a superb follow up to the self titled EP released last January.


Happyness have been one of my favourite new bands over the summer festivals great songs with great guitars, prolific songwriters from London the band released a brilliant album “Weird Little Birthdays” this year ,


always love seeing this band, Happyness have been one of my festival favourites this summer so thanks so much to the band with great songwriting and wonderful tunes of the summer

Happyness performed at the Green Man Festival and dropped in to play this session, with touches of the influence of the band Pavement, they have some great songs with super lyrics and tunes, please check them out they will be the the cookie jar in Leicester soon,


the band HAPPYNESS have a new single due out and a track off their debut album titled Anything I do Is Allright great fast paced track with their distinctive vocal guitars sound.


South London Trio HAPPYNESS sound very American on this their debut EP check it out


Happyness are a 3 piece band from South London, formed of multi-instrumentalists Ash Cooper, Benji Compston and Jonny Allan.
After forming in early 1973, the band went on hiatus pending their births and the sufficient progress of the affordable digital audio interface market. Regrouping in 2013, the band spent Saturday nights playing under a railway bridge in Bermondsey. By mid-2013, having written “most of an album” they rented out an unused church with the intention of setting up a studio and finishing the record there. That ended after less than a week with only one song tracked – they were driven out by “the bitter cold and an unconvinced congregation of the dead”. (Unintentionally significantly the song was “Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy)”).

Relocating to their affectionately named “Jelly Boy Studios” (a one-time carpentry warehouse and butterfly commune an hour or so outside of London), the band self-produced their debut album and the songs that would become their debut EP.
Before the recording sessions, the band had played a handful of shows under a variety of names (“something to put on the flyers”), but the name Happyness wasn’t used until November 2013, when the band started playing live in the build up to the release of their eponymous EP – mixed by Ed Harcourt.
The album – “Weird Little Birthday” – was mixed by Adam Lasus (Yo La Tengo, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) and features Ed Harcourt singing on “Pumpkin Noir” and was released to great acclaim in the UK in the Summer of 2014.

London indie  Trio HAPPYNESS  releasesed the impressive ep earlier this year titled “Weird Little Birthday” full of great guitar hooks superb lyrical content, The band have been busy with a fair few festival appearances and a new EP due this will be titled “Anything I Do Is Allright” the lead track “You Come To kill Me”