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Remember Martha Wainwright ? Her first album — 2005’s self-titled effort was fantastic, heralding her as a songwriter and performer entirely worthy to be an heir to one of music’s most distinguished family names. Since then, though, she’s suffered from the dreaded tortured-artist who got happy syndrome: she married producer Brad Albetta in 2007, and her albums since have largely reflected her contentment.

Goodnight City‘s lead single “Around the Bend” suggests perhaps things haven’t been quite so idyllic of late: “I’ve been going round the bend/ I’ve been taking lots of pills and things/ I’ve been seeing him again/ There are things I’ve seen and done/ That I would not wish on anyone.” Not coincidentally, it’s the best thing she’s recorded in years. As a listener, it’s not exactly a heartening or pleasant realization that an artist you admire and whose work you enjoy seems to work best when she is in emotional pain. But the fact remains: if its first single is anything to judge by, this is going to be good.

“Canadian singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright considers her fourth solo album and seventh studio record, Goodnight City, to be a turning point in her musical career and emotional state alike. “Most [of my] songs come from a sense of sadness,” muses the 40-year-old, whose last solo album, 2012’s Come Home To Mama, addressed grief in the wake of the death of her mother, folk musician Kate McGarrigle. “But maybe for the first time, there is more joy and lightness on this album,” she adds. “I think because with age has come some comfort and a sense of strength—I am more hopeful.” Though collaborative and stylistically diverse, Wainwright’s elegant, vibrational vocals work within each track on Goodnight City, unifying the album with her powerfully distinct multifaceted emotional spectrum. In listening, one feels a collective comfort—it is a work of community, togetherness, family, and change for the better.”