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Los Angeles-based trio Wake Up Lucid unleashes their fourth offering, a 6-song E.P. “Gone With The Night” and it’s a slab of good old fashioned “super-rock”; a blinding flash of riff-age tempered by melody and power.  The sound of taut, dirty guitars fill this album in an almost classic-style.

Driven by three cousins, Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca, this band sets its sights on “stun” and that’s what they do on the lead off track, “White Collar Love” – blistering and sneering, with the lead vocals being literally spat out in a balls-out manner.  “Let It Roll” comes in with a Sabbath-like opening riff – heavy, dark, slow, menacing and just plows along like a long-lost Uriah Heep piece; “I Want” screams with sonic overload and a pure ’70’s drum and the title track is the surprise as it has some very Floyd-like textures, with its acoustic body and atmospheric feel.

Good stuff, especially for a Friday night listen – keep your eyes open for Wake Up Lucid.

Gone With The Night is available now