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Kid Wave are an indie rock quartet based in London. They have a pretty heavy mid-1990s college radio sound. You might say that they sound like Teenage Fanclub or The Breeders. You might also say that they sound like something more contemporary like Best Coast.

Though based in London, the band is half Swedish, a quarter English, and a quarter Australian. As a teenager, Lea Emmery (vocals/guitars) came to England from her family’s home in Norrköping, Sweden in order to “learn something about music”. Norrköping is a small city on the Baltic coast. sometimes referred to as “the Swedish Manchester”. Matthias Bhatt (guitar) is also from the same city. Emmery was studying sound engineering at college, where she met Perth native Serra Petale (drums). Harry Deacon (bass) who was a friend of a friend, and who is a Londoner, joined their lot to fully form Kid Wave.

Last autumn, the band released their debut EP Gloom via Heavenly Recordings, and they followed that this June 1 with their debut album “Wonderlust”.

Although this is my kind of thing,. With its fuzz, its throwback sound, and the tiny bit of dirt amid the meticulously crafted shimmering pop,

British-based quartet Kid Wave feel their way through varying strains of garage rock on their upcoming EP. The title, Gloom, doesn’t exactly imply the overall mood of the record, which lands in a beach-y dreamworld at times and a reverberating, psychedelic realm at others. Twisted, driving guitars on “All I Want” are evened out by its sunny, hook-laden chorus. “Young Blood” is where the consistently disaffected vocals are at their best, riding alongside convulsing, surf-inspired riffs. Kid Wave’s serrated edges, wistful lyrics and mid-tempo melodies intertwine on Gloom for four breezy rock ‘n’ roll tracks.

Kid Wave has signed with Heavenly Recordings in the UK, (Temples, the Wytches and TOY). Gloom was released on November 24th 2014.