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Formerly a hired hand for The War On Drugs, Weyes Blood and Kevin Morby’s backing band over the years, guitarist Meg Duffy has carved out an impressive solo career on the side under the moniker Hand Habits. ‘Fun House’, released via Saddle Creek, is their third such album, produced by Meg’s housemate Sasami Ashworth and displaying a much bolder and more diverse set of influences than its two predecessors.

There is a moment halfway through Hand Habits’ Fun House at which musician Meg Duffy asks the question, “How many times must I rewind the tape? “It’s a fitting question planted squarely in the middle of a sonically adventurous record concerned largely with making sense and taking stock. How much time must we spend examining our own past in order to fully understand it? How can we safely acknowledge pain in order to release it and fully actualize who we are supposed to be? Buffeted by strings, synths, and a gently-shook tambourine, the aptly-titled track, “The Answer,” highlights the emotional engine at the heart of the record. “I know the answer, “Duffy sings, “Here’s what I hope to find – it’s always mine.”

My personal favourite track on Fun House, “No Difference”. With this song, I was trying to capture the cyclical essence of projection and how it can really block authentic connection. (….I think? Songs seem to change and develop lives of their own with time…my wish is that you project your own life experience onto the song and make it your own)This video is close to my heart, as the guy on the motorcycle happens to be my father, Dan Duffy. Everything just worked out that day. It was 4th of July, and Dad suggested going to his ‘spiritual place’ that has a panoramic view of the Mohawk valley. Filming the bike scenes was the first time I got on the back of the bike with him, and when I first saw this footage that V and Adam captured I was speechless. It feels close to countless dreams I’ve had; aimlessly walking around but with a distinct yet intangible purpose, my dad is there,

Meg Duffy released “Fun House“,her third album as Hand Habits, today. Working with their roommates SASAMI (who produced) and Kyle “King Tuff” Thomas (who engineered), it’s a big step forward for Duffy, a wonderful, harmony-laden pop album that still has the yearning spirit of Hand Habits‘ first two records.

The inspirations behind “Fun House” and and they gave us a list that includes some clear sonic inspiration like Fleetwood Mac, as well as collaborators Perfume Genius (who appears on the album) and Christian Lee Hutson, films, poets, books and more. Meg’s commentary is as thoughtful as their songs and it’s a great read.

released October 22nd on Saddle Creek Records

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1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions was recorded at Elektra Sound Recorders in Los Angeles and compiled from all thirteen reels of multi-track tape that held every note and snippet of studio dialogue. Twelve reels of tape were used during the original sessions, with the thirteenth reel having the takes that would be used on the studio album. This sprawling set which was originally aimed at the collector market would be challenging and cost prohibitive to reissue as a multi-disc vinyl box set. What is presented here is an attempt to assemble some of the best highlights from the Fun House Sessions on an officially-released 2LP set in high quality packaging with a sequence that hopefully proves to be an easier, and more casual listen. Included are some terrific alternate versions of Down on the Street, Loose, Dirt, Funhouse ,1970 and others, pulled from session reels 1, 4,6, 7, 9 & 11and originally recorded on May 11,12, 15, 18, 21 & 25 of 1970. Also notable is the inclusion of the 17+ minute-version of L.A. Blues, titled as “Freak,” which encompasses the entire fourth side of this set and is the prime example of what makes the Funhouse Sessions both loved and feared simultaneously.

Track Listing:

Side A

1 Studio Dialogue #23 (reel 6) May 18, 1970
2  Down on the Street Take 6 (Reel 6) May 18, 1970
3 Loose Take 16 (reel 4) May 15, 1970
4 T.V. Eye Take 5 (reel 7) May 18, 1970
5 Dirt Take 5 (reel 11) May 25, 1970

Side B

1 Studio Dialogue #3 (reel 1) May 11, 1970
2 1970 Take 3 (reel 1) May 11, 1970
3 Funhouse Take 3 (reel 9) May 21, 1970

Side C

1 Studio Dialogue #7 (reel 2) May 12, 1970
2 See That Cat (T.V. Eye) (reel 2) May 12, 1970
3 1970 Take 2 (reel 1) May 11, 1970
4 Lost in the Future Take 3 (reel 3) May 15, 1970
5 Slide (Slidin’ The Blues) (reel 4) May 15, 1970

Side D

1 Freak (L.A. Blues) Take 1 (reel 12) May 25, 1970


  • Brand new collection that includes some of the best alternate takes from the legendary Complete Fun House Sessions box set.
  • First time all of these alternate tracks are available on vinyl and are sequenced for a better listening experience
  • Each 2LP set is individually numbered and strictly limited based on pre orders
  • 2LP, 180g  multi-color swirl vinyl pressed at Record Industry comes in a gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve with brand new artwork and liner notes.
  • Includes the legendary 17+ minute alternate version of L.A. Blues, titled “Freak,” that rocks the entire 4thside of this set.