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Taken from the new album ‘Every Open Eye’. There’s a long and proud tradition of disaffected youth in art, from cult classics like Over the Edge to actual classics like The Outsiders to more modern depictions like Kids and TV’s Skins(the British version, of course). In their latest music video for the song “Empty Threat,” Chvrches (and director Austin Peters) build off this tradition. There’s not much in the way of a narrative plot—a group of goth-ish kids buy alcohol and go to a water park—but it’s a beautiful illustration of the energy, sadness, and caprice of being young. It’s one of those videos that tells you very little about its characters, but is so rich with image and emotion that you feel like you can deduce an awful lot. Watch it above, and look out for Chvrches new album Every Open Eye, which was released in September