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Speaking about the clip, vocalist Tali Källström explains: “Strangers is about self-acceptance and finding the strength to grow and be on your own. The song takes us on a journey of self-sabotage, redemption, failure and success and how all of these experiences meld together to make us who we are. This video represents the different facets, the flaws, the strengths and the disparities we feel about ourselves and others during our day to day lives. It was important for us that we kept the video as a genuine reflection of who we are and the real-life things that we do, breaking the fourth wall, allowing the audience to empathise with the genuine emotion and meaning of the song. We hope you like it.”

The band hit the road next week, before a stint on the road supporting Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes and their own spring UK tour.

Breaking the fourth wall – by splitting it in two. Brand new video for ‘Strangers’ Purchase our debut album You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

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So, we’re in the final home straight on the lead-up to Christmas, we’ve had some last-minute releases that might just be perfect for that special someone. plus, there is loads to look forward to for next year, back in the present (pun intended), the album at the top of your want list this week ‘Popcorn Lung: a Polytechnic Youth Collection’, which collects rare and exclusive tracks from some of this label’s brightest artists.

If you’re in the mood for something loud, the ever-active Ty Segall has a scuzzy treat for us that’ll blow the winter lurgy clean out of our systems. teaming up with wife & caustic vocalist, Denee Segall, The C.i.a.’s debut leans towards the heavier, punkier side of Ty’s work & features more than enough guitar freakouts to keep us elated. The always brilliant Decemberists’ aptly-timed December ep release features a delicious set of b-sides from the ‘I’ll be Your Girl’ recording sessions. You also get a cheeky little surprise from Aliment’s latest instalment: Barcelona’s answer to Meat wave & Menace beach – noisy & nice punk in equal measure.

The Wave Pictures’ ‘Look Inside Your Heart’ is on cd & vinyl. have a wonderful Christmas & a Happy Vinyl new year,

John Mellencamp, Other People’s Stuff

Other People’s Stuff is a new collection of covers that shows Mellencamp applying his knack for storytelling to ten staples from the American music canon. The material is culled mostly from his own albums, hard-to-find compilations, and documentary soundtracks. Mellencamp also recorded a brand-new version of “Eyes on the Prize,” a standard that he had performed at The White House for the 2010 Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement at the request of President Obama.

Image of The Felice Brothers - The Felice Brothers (10th Anniversary Reissue)

This reissue marks the 10th anniversary of the release of their seminal Self Titled album. This special re-issue includes two never-before-heard outtakes from the Self Titled recording sessions: Baltimore, and Watersider... included on a 7” with the LP (180G), and as bonus tracks on CD.

Cherished by fans and critics alike, this fifteen track opus by the Catskill Mountain based band of brothers boasts classics like Frankie’s Gun, Wonderful Life, Whisky In My Whisky and Don’t Wake The Scarecrow, and remains one of the most influential works of this century’s indie-folk-rock revival.

Hailing from upstate New York’s Catskills Mountains, the Felice Brothers look like their entire approach was based on staring long and hard at the Band’s second album cover: Beards, white shirts, hats and ill-fitting suits. The comparisons to Big Pink/Basement-era Dylan are also inevitable.

Yet this second album proper from the three siblings and their bass player Christmas (an ex-travelling dice player, apparently) is so chock full of whiskey-soaked, ramshackle bonhomie that it’d be a hard-hearted music critic indeed who didn’t succumb to the charms contained therein. The group have somehow taken Americana and wrung out some more good times. It’s time to visit the bar again…

With most of the numbers croaked out by brother Ian, whose vocal chords draw most of the Zimmerman comparisons, this is a collection of songs that are equal parts travelogue, shaggy dog story, drunken lament and filched traditional fare. They’re all captured in gloriously scratchy lo-fi (complete with ambient chat, phone conversations and other audio verite) as befits a band whose last recordings were supposedly completed in a chicken coup on a two-track.

Like Dylan, their self-mythologising puts them not in the modern age, but somewhere in the early part of the last century. Jaunty, piano-led ballads like Greatest Show On Earth or Take This Bread are lifted by parping brass and rollicking choruses, like a night out in a riverfront bar, filled with unfaithful women and gun-toting men (guns are mentioned in just about every song) bent on drunken revenge. Elsewhere the waltz time of Ruby Mae approaches a Tom Waits-like pathos. Whiskey In My Whiskey sounds like a murder ballad that’s centuries old.

Yet all these tales are shot through with a red-eyed humour that sounds as authentic as their beards. This is how they manage to convince the listener. Frankie’s Gun! With it’s truck driving narrative and wheezing accordion is particularly hilarious. Rather than some studious authenticity, they sound like they’re just having a good time. And that’s just about the only recommendation you need to seek out this fine album…

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The CIA – The CIA

“This record is an encapsulation. The omnipresent fear and anger. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? And what is really going on? Consternation…today… There is difficulty, frustration, strain and a large snake. You can feel the pressure of it breathing on the streets, in media, and in your lunch. This s/t, by The C.I.A., is an urgent musical notice. I feel it immediately. The pointed vocal cadence and lyrics of Denée Segal is a sharp scythe, and the actual time is…now. “I feel the same distress call and disposition from Crass records like Penis Envy or DIRT. In fact, if you took that, mixed in “Black Silk Stocking” by Chrisma and a touch of early Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot) and even Dinah Cancer (45 Grave) Autopsy era, you can get a feeling. And, similarly to those mentioned, Denée is putting a time stamp on this time. The spirit and her viability is strong in many a corner, and in many a heart. The alarm is ringing. “This is survival sound, put on record well backed by Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly, who have added anything-musthappen, mercurial, constantly moving instrumentation. The sounds, consistent with unique monochrome, move like an engine, made gas-tight by piston rings. Sonic rings moving in tight machine patterns. And at the vocal helm is Denée, steering this machine in vocal directions across an exclamation point motorway. No salt, all salt. Traction and reaction. They built a sound machine with, and for each other. Survival sound lifts its head up when it needs to. Thankfully it gets put on record and released when it needs to.” —Tim Presley

Bbc 65

The Yardbirds – 1964 – 1966 Live at the BBC (Vol 2)

Broadcasts from the BBC archives and beyond. Recorded between 1964 and 1966. It features seminal performances by guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.


Estrons  –  You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

The hotly-tipped Welsh alt-rock outfit Estrons release their much-anticipated debut album You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough. The record is the culmination of over two years hard touring and honing of a sound that has become theirs and theirs alone.

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So happy to be announcing our debut album ‘You say I’m too much, I say you’re not enough’ which will be out October 5th. Estrons’ profile has considerably grown in stature. That is supported with is a final taster before they finally unleash their eagerly anticipated debut album ‘You say I’m too much I say you’re not enough’ on October 5th.

‘Body’ is another sucker-punch that delivers an intense blow to the listener’s ears. It’s great to hear Tali Kallstrom’s vocals getting caught up in the coolly executed melee of crunching riffs. This is heavy pop music served up at its finest and if we go by the single releases we’ve had so far, then we will no doubt have our expectations satisfied when their album comes out. With the challenging and inquisitive ethos that makes up Estrons as a band, this could be the start of something special.

In addition to all this, Estrons will be going out on tour this winter in support of the album’s release and their relentless brand of heavy pop rock will be the best way to shake off the winter chill! This tour will culminate in their biggest headline show at the Scala in London in February.

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Premiered by Huw Stephens on Radio 1 earlier this week, Welsh alt-rock three-piece Estrons share cutting new track, ‘Lilac’.

An explosive sub-three minutes of visceral energy, ‘Lilac’ packs a punch with Rhodri Daniel’s off-kilter guitars and Tali Källström’s commanding vocals, and lyrics that owe a debt to “an encounter I had with a teenage girl in the early hours of the morning,” reveals Källström.

“I drove past her crying in the street with her shoes in her hand and so I decided to turn the car around to check on her. I’d assumed that she was crying about something superficial and I’d also assumed that the man walking a few feet behind her was trying to take advantage. Turns out the man actually lived on that street and the girl was heartbroken because her dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“We often get things wrong because society leads us to create prejudices on genders; the song is myself reflecting on that. It also celebrates human empathy as the girl I helped was genuinely touched that I’d stopped to check she got home okay. I haven’t seen her since that day – but this one goes out to her, anybody who is going through a difficult time and also to all the people out there who have helped me in a crisis. Someone always cares and you can get through it.”

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Welsh band Estrons have released their blistering new track “Cold Wash”, which you can listen to . The track is taken from their AA side single featuring BBC Radio1 favourite “Glasgow Kisses”.

Fronted by Taliesyn Kallstrom, the band have a fierce command on record and are apparently even better live. Catch them live at The Cookie Leicester  2nd October


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Cardiff band Estrons have revelled in their foot-to-the-floor pace. Charging ahead from day one, their sugar rush punk-rock has been as breathless as they come. ‘Call You Mine’, the closer of their ace new ‘She’s Here Now’ EP, sees the speedometer drop.

Swaggering about the place, tearing photo frames from the walls and smashing them to bits, singer Tali Källström’s is on typically biting form. “People like you can’t take it,” she spits, “and so you built a wall between us.” Probably not a snark at Donald Trump, granted, it’s nevertheless a fired up, frothing at the mouth takedown of shitty blokes and their shittier attitudes.

By the time it reaches its conclusion, the whole band are piling in, screeching about what the object of their attentions “coulda been.” Slowing things down has lost Estrons none of their fury if anything, every blow hits twice as hard.

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“We’re just going to wake up on 1st January 2017 and see what happens,” smiles Tali Källström. Estrons could have easily laid out plans for the new year, after all, they’ve been offered tours, and there’s more than a hint of buzz around the band, but they’ve turned them all down. “We’re not planning anything; we want to make sure the right thing happens.”

You might raise an eyebrow and look at the band’s grand plan, or lack thereof, with a tilted head but the band has experience in the right thing. Their 2016 has been a lesson in just letting things happen. This time last year the band, “couldn’t have predicted SXSW would happen, we couldn’t have predicted Slaves would have walked past our set at Latitude and taken us out on their Back In The Van tour, we couldn’t have even predicted Latitude would happen.” Writing ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ was unpredictable, as was the creation of ‘Drop’. “It’s just us wanting to make sure the right moment comes at the right time. It’s all very up in the air, but we don’t have a secret master plan. That’s what keeps it exciting.”

Kickstarted by the release of ‘Make A Man’, the past twelve months have been non-stop “but in a good way,” for Estrons. They’ve had to make a lot of big decisions, “We’re pleased we didn’t do anything silly or drastic.” They’ve learnt a lot, they’ve toured a lot, and they’ve reached a lot. “The reaction to that song was a whirlwind of industry and hype. We just tried to stay grounded, so we didn’t get pulled up in all of it. We wanted to build a proper fanbase and do it the proper way. I was surprised in the beginning, and now I’m trying to do everything the right way. ‘People like our music. This is good, this is positive, let’s move forward’.”

“We don’t have a secret master plan; that’s what keeps it exciting.”

There have been moments of doubt, back to back tours with Slaves and their own run saw the band pushed to their limits, but the amazing moments always outweigh the struggle. “Your job can’t be amazing all the time,” reasons Tali.

“There are loads of negative moments for bands when you start out; we were playing to three people who were all our mates. It’s crazy to think of where we’re at now. It’s easy to forget where you started because once you’ve got a taste for it, you want to keep working your way up.”

“You can see it slowly happening over time,” she continues. “We’ve still got a long way to go; we’re never under any false pretences of ‘we’re here now.’ We’re never too big for our boots. We’re still a young band, and we’re still working our way around the circuit.”

Despite being shiny and new, there’s a history to Estrons. “We’ve evolved a lot into what we are. We started out playing very different music, and I don’t know how this happened. One day I was messing around, and I wasn’t trying anymore, I stopped trying to write songs and just started being myself. With ‘Make A Man’ it was me being myself and joking around. The lyrics started off as a bit of a joke, and that transpired to mean a lot more. I wasn’t trying to force myself into being any particular type of person or performer, and it just happened.” Playing in countless bands, Tali finally reached the point where she stopped caring about putting up walls and being something she wasn’t. “It was that moment where I stopped caring where thing started to happen for us.”


Cementing that journey with the release of their ‘She’s Here Now’ EP, the second half of a sentence that their now hidden ‘Whoever She Was’ EP started, Estrons used those three tracks to talk about “the musical and personal journey we’ve been on, as corny as that sounds.”

ESTRONS – ” I’m Not Your Girl “

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Penned by the refreshingly honest Tali Källström, the song’s about blokes who brag about girls they’ve slept with and the lack of emotional connection they had in relationships. “It’s a big song about insecurities and that cesspool of crap surrounding teenage emotions that still exist in your 20s and 30s,” she explains.

I’m Not Your Girl is a thrilling blast of razor-sharp, rock riffing and primal rhythms, recalling the likes of Weaves or Be Your Own Pet. The star of the show though is frontwoman, Tali Källström; a blur of yelping energy and observant lyricism, the track see’s her cutting down braggadocious boys and the, “cesspool of crap surrounding teenage emotions.” People have been quick to call Estrons, “socio-political” or “fearlessly outspoken”,


She’s Here Now is out November 4th. Estrons have a handful of upcoming dates, 


‘Make A Man’ – New single out December 4th 2015 via Gofod Records

From the ESTRONS’ Debut EP ‘Whoever She Was...’ out December 11th 2015.

ESTRONS are an Alternative Rock band based in Cardiff.

Fronted by Canadian-Swede Taliesyn Kallström, they bring punchy melodic songs, combined with powerful vocals, loud guitars and busy beats that vary with the drummer’s rum intake…

Meaning ‘Aliens’ or ‘Strangers’ in their native Welsh, the main premise was to gather a band of general misfits and outcasts that never quite belonged to any country or nationality, being of mixed and international ancestry. They will release their new single ‘Make A Man’ December 4th. Followed by their debut EP ‘Whoever She Was..‘ 11th of December 2015.

Now based in Cardiff, the band have support from Annie Mac & Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio, Tom Robinson n BBC 6 Music, Aaron Phillips on Amazing Radio, Adam Walton & Bethan Elfyn on BBC Introducing Wales & BBC Radio Cymru. After headlining stages at Sŵn Festival twice, along with performances at Focus Wales, X-Music Festival and Festival No., ESTRONS have gathered a reputation as a must-see act on the live music scene and are set to announce a UK tour for January 2016. Members: Taliesyn Källström//Hugh Parry//James Keeley//Rhodri Daniel