ESTRONS – ” Whoever She Was… – EP “

Posted: March 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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Cardiff band Estrons have revelled in their foot-to-the-floor pace. Charging ahead from day one, their sugar rush punk-rock has been as breathless as they come. ‘Call You Mine’, the closer of their ace new ‘She’s Here Now’ EP, sees the speedometer drop.

Swaggering about the place, tearing photo frames from the walls and smashing them to bits, singer Tali Källström’s is on typically biting form. “People like you can’t take it,” she spits, “and so you built a wall between us.” Probably not a snark at Donald Trump, granted, it’s nevertheless a fired up, frothing at the mouth takedown of shitty blokes and their shittier attitudes.

By the time it reaches its conclusion, the whole band are piling in, screeching about what the object of their attentions “coulda been.” Slowing things down has lost Estrons none of their fury if anything, every blow hits twice as hard.


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