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Bluegrass/Americana duo Mandolin Orange perform “Golden Embers” Live at the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts in Boone, North Carolina

Watch the performance of “Golden Embers” by the North Carolina duo Mandolin Orange, from their forthcoming album Tides of a Teardrop, due out February 1st on Yep Roc Records.

Andrew Marlin says, “Golden Embers” is a song I wrote to my Dad about my Mom’s passing. I love how the arrangement begins very stripped down to hit home the intimacy of the subject and then explodes with weight as the band comes in later.”

Band Members
Andrew Marlin & Emily Frantz

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The voices of Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, the two members of North Carolina acoustic duo Mandolin Orange, are a study in contrasts. Frantz’s vocals are lilting, floating above the instrumentation, whereas Marlin’s are understated. Contemplative and pretty can only get you so far on best end lists, but Mandolin Orange have molded poignant lyrics and awe-strucking melodies rekindling the finest of Gillian Welch and Neko Case. Themes of loss, love and mortality are usually the driving points of thought provoking folk, but this North Carolina duo creates a uniquely elegant sparse acoustic meal.