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Not to be confused with Wharves, the Australian band. But The Wharves who are a three piece from London who we saw supporting Frankie and the Heartstrings a few years back. Fast forward, the band released an album called ‘At Bay’ back in 2014 and their latest single ‘NAZ/My Will’ which showcases their minimal, psychedelic yet haunting sound at its best.


The Wharves are

Marion Andrau, Dearbhla Minogue and Gemma Fleet

2016 LP ‘Electa’ on Gringo Records
2015 7″ Single Naz on Upset the Rhythm
2014 LP ‘At Bay’ on Gringo Records
2013 Split LP on Soft Power Records, Glasgow,



The WHARVES – ” L’autre “

Posted: November 17, 2016 in MUSIC
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One of the finest exponents of the vocal harmony we’ve heard are London’s Anglo-Franco-Irish trio, The Wharves. Last week saw The Wharves release their brilliant new album “Electa”, the follow-up to 2014’s At Bay, and it is one of the most anticipated records of the year.

Citing influences including, “the reverberated spook of 60’s groups, the mid-fi guitar crunch of Kim Deal’s The Amps, the sisterly vocal harmonies of The Roches and the narrative and structural panache of 70’s progressive folk”, it’s perhaps unsurprising how brilliantly unclassifiable “Electa” sounds. The guitar work of Dearbhla Minogue, also a member of the superb The Drink, retains all of her inventive and propulsive hallmarks, while the rhythm section seem to remain entirely in sync, creating interesting bedrocks on which the more harmonic instruments can weave their magic.

Electa is a more eclectic and experimental record than its predecessor, without losing any of the underlying charm of their earlier work. The bands new-found ambition and confidence is particularly clear on closing track My Will, which features the band instrument swapping and the immense presence of the twenty strong, Rebel Choir. The Wharves more than ever are a band treading a singular path through the choppy water of alternative music, and it’s a journey we can only recommend you all join them on.

The Wharves return with their second long-player. Entitled “Electa” and recorded once again with Rory Attwell, The group, with members drawn from the UK, Ireland, and France,the trio build on last year’s ‘Naz’ 7” vinyl,  refining their distinctive sound with increasingly notable elements of heavy rock and folk. Three part vocal harmonies remain staple to the format, underpinning a progressive instrumental step-up.

The Wharves combine gracefully minimal psyche-rock with fuzzed out folk. They invoke the reverberated spook of 60’s groups, the mid-fi guitar crunch of Kim Deal’s The Amps, the sisterly vocal harmonies of The Roches and the narrative and structural panache of 70’s progressive folk. Thunderous drumming drives through these compositions, ensuring the wealth of disparate influences remain focused and celebratory.

On Electa, Dearbhla Minogue’s from the much-lauded guitar work of the member of The Drink ( her other part time band) is more inventively than ever around the tight and melodic rhythm section delivered with all the gusto and trust of a band five years into playing together.

Songwriting duties are democratic as always, with drummer Marion Andrau delivering two atmospheric and personal stand-outs (‘Your Lies are Fun’, ‘L’autre’) that reveal an entire new dimension of possibility for the group. Utilising the twenty-piece all-female ‘Rebel Choir’ on immense closer ‘My Will’, usual bass-player Gemma Fleet takes to the guitar and leads the ensemble to unite a powerful crescendo that defines Electa’s confident feel: a rock record not afraid to experiment, without ever losing the singular identity The Wharves created for themselves.

“The Strike” is a rhythm-heavy beaut with vintage rock vibes and a tenacious pulse. Gorgeous three-part harmonies perch atop a psych foam, with hefty basslines worming through crashing drums – it’s a song that begins strong and simple, but slowly unravels, growing into an all-consuming wave of rocky pop brilliance.

Electa is released 4th November via Gringo. available to order on Transparent Vinyl.