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Try to resist a unit that Brooklyn Vegan described as “a whole band made of Jimbos from The Simpsons.” If Danger Mouse was the last straw for you with Parquet Courts, here’s the Stooges to their Velvet Underground, an all-spikes sarcasm brigade formed around the holy mission to Make Indie Angular Again on 2018’s deliciously discordant Seeing Green and 2019’s slightly craftier Club Nites. Just check the Archers of Loaf grunge-bursts that punctuate Dumb’s “Submission” or the manic Beefheart-sliding-on-a-dessert-cart-into-a-wall spree of “My Condolences.” And they even mock their own revival with an anti-anthem called “Slacker Needs Serious Work.”

The only time Dumb break g/b/d allegiance is to stick a gloriously honking sax solo at the end of “Beef Hits,” revealing their most furious song as their silliest, as most angry dweebs boil down to anyway.

Less than a year since they signed to Mint Records for 2018’s Seeing Green, Dumb is already back with a new full-length, Club Nites — this time with even more neuroticism and indignation. Club Nites is a collection of narratives drawn from the nightlife ecosystem.
Released June 7th, 2019

Dumb – Club Nites From the album “Club Nites” available via Mint Records.

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Vancouver’s Dumb make whimsical slack rock that’s anything but. The band’s cool, campy outlook is both anxious and chill, enveloped in jittery rhythms and bright, fervent riffs. When Dumb settle down a bit, like on the driving “Mint,” they are no less biting. The sprightly single has dual meaning, playfully referencing both money and the Dumb’s new label, Mint Records. “The song ‘Barnyard’ is about a character who is walking along a highway towards an event that they don’t want to attend, becoming delusional in the process. We also wanted to make this a danceable song”


Band Members
Frankie Rossino
Shavonne Ronnie
Hully Muctab
Pistol P

Releases June 22nd, 2018
written and played by DUMB 

DUMB – ” Retina “

Posted: August 3, 2014 in MUSIC
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An explosive riot of guitars and attitude this is the third single from the band DUMB from Birmingham,  and a more further progression for the band with drummer Jacob McQue and Bassist Adam Pyzer providing the driving force. Dumb are about to establish themselves as another great Birmingham Band.

Indie Pop Birmingham Band DUMB have infectious melodies and great guitar hook filled songs, check out their debut single “Dive” influenced by the PIXIES and cult American Rock band BUILT TO SPILL slick melodies and Dylan Williams rasping vocals


Guitar laden witha self assured swagger DUMB from Birmingham influenced by bands like Built To Spill and The Cribs and a sound like Pavement, slick melodies and infectious hooks, thier eo Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out to be released on August 18th


Another good Birmingham band with a great scene there at the moment especially for guitar bands with PEACE, SUPERFOOD and Now DUMB with some emotive vocals and guitar bursts that stick in your mind with catchy songs, a plether of hooks.