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With Falling, Dude York show that they are a prime example of a band owning their adolescent renaissance by channeling, rather than imitating, their music influences (some of which include The Cure, Black Sabbath, Blink-182 and Carly Rae Jepsen) and echoing the emotions of yesteryear. Listening to Dude York’s latest power pop album, the Seattle band’s fourth to date, sends teenage pangs through your heart that remind us how intense and overwhelming every crush or heartbreak used to be (or still is).

Claire England (bass, vocals) opens up Falling with the sweet daydream that is “Longest Time,” which swings like a pendulum between her earnest voice and electrifying guitar. She romanticizes the honeymoon period of relationships, singing, “This is the best part / When you believe I can do nothing wrong.”

“Box,” the album highlight, takes a different approach in its post-punk revival sound, still managing to absolutely yank on your heartstrings. The first line more than tips its hat to the Killers’ ever-beltable “Mr. Brightside,” as Peter Richards (guitar, vocals) laments that “It started with a kiss / Who would have thought that it would end like this,” bringing back middle school dance flashbacks of Brandon Flowers deciding “It was only a kiss.” Life in 2019 can be so overwhelming that numbness seems like our only defense,

Dude York is ready to put you back in touch with your most visceral, excruciatingly intense emotions. Fair warning, though—if you put Falling on, you may be tempted to doodle your crush’s name all over your binder.

“Should’ve” is from Dude York’s 2019 album “Falling”.

Seattle trio Dude York have returned with the new full-length Falling, their tribute to adolescent romance and the pop-punk that clogged up FM radio wavelengths of yesteryear. To celebrate the announcement, the band has shared a new animated music video for the album’s impossibly catchy title track. Falling will be out Friday, July 26th on LP, CD, Digital, and Cassette . First-run LP copies come on frosting-colored vinyl.

“There are two ways things can fall” says Dude York’s Claire England. “They can fall and be ruined, or they can fall gently like a feather and be fine”. On Falling, their second full-length for Hardly Art, the Seattle trio explores that sentiment

“Falling” is from Dude York’s 2019 album of the same name.

Recently, Seattle trio Dude York surprised fans with a new digital single, “Moon.” Today, we are sharing another track from their Springtime recording session at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. Guitarist Peter Richards handles vocal duties on “What Would You Do If You Had Some Money Now?”

Dude York’s next performance is Friday, July 20th on the main stage at the Capitol Hill Block Party.

By the time Seattle’s Dude York released full-length LP Sincerely in early 2017, guitarist/vocalist Peter Richards, bassist/vocalist Claire England, and drummer Andrew Hall had been working on the record for over two years, including an eight-month period of writing and DIY recording that had to be completely scrapped. In essence, the Dude York who’d been trapped in the amber of writing and recording Sincerely was a different Dude York from the confident power-pop trio who finally released it. A lot of things can change in two years.

Now, after a brief detour into—no joke—holiday jingles (last winter’s Halftime for the Holidays EP), Dude York have returned with new music that defines a different path forward for the restless band, music which points “to where we’ve been and how far we’re going to go,” as Richards puts it.

released May 9th, 2018

DUDE YORK – ” Tonight “

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Seattle band Dude York shared a new track from their upcoming full-length Sincerely, out February 24th. “Tonight” is another rousing, spirited anthem from the trio, with bassist Claire England delivering kiss-off lyrics over surging verses and explosive choruses. Dude York’s Tonight has been called “an album highlight that perfectly captures the sweet, punky sound that’s uniquely Dude York  , and now you can experience its excellence using your eyeballs as well as your ears. Check out their exuberant music video from director Carlos Lopez, the band spends a day at their favorite malls shopping, stuffing their faces, bungee-ing, getting makeovers, and generally causing mayhem.