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By the time Seattle’s Dude York released full-length LP Sincerely in early 2017, guitarist/vocalist Peter Richards, bassist/vocalist Claire England, and drummer Andrew Hall had been working on the record for over two years, including an eight-month period of writing and DIY recording that had to be completely scrapped. In essence, the Dude York who’d been trapped in the amber of writing and recording Sincerely was a different Dude York from the confident power-pop trio who finally released it. A lot of things can change in two years.

Now, after a brief detour into—no joke—holiday jingles (last winter’s Halftime for the Holidays EP), Dude York have returned with new music that defines a different path forward for the restless band, music which points “to where we’ve been and how far we’re going to go,” as Richards puts it.

released May 9th, 2018