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Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No is a rock and roll band based in NYC. Hailing originally from Toronto, Canada, Steve began his recording career auspiciously by completing a class project while attending college in London, ON. The resulting 5-song EP credited as Boatman received regular airplay on local college radio station CHRW and ended up cracking the top 20 on the national college radio chart. Seeking a fully-realized band, Steve put together indie-rock trio 4-Star Movie. The Toronto-based band enjoyed more college radio airplay.

After the first and then second permutations of 4-Star Movie, Steve moved down to NYC and began playing at open mics around the city, slowly piecing together the Land Of No. The first incarnation was a guitar-and-drums duo along with longtime Figgs’ drummer Pete Hayes. Over time they added Kent Heine (The Holy Ghost) on bass, and guitarists Dave Hollinghurst (Small 23, Nicole Atkins) and Alec Ferrell (The Holy Ghost, The All-Things, Skeleton Key). Their eponymous 1st record, recorded at Brooklyn’s famed Seaside Lounge and released on Tiny Beast Records, garnered strong reviews. The band then welcomed drummer Dan Mintzer (Moonraker, Nicole Atkins) into the fold.

The group’s second record “Mon Dieu” was recorded and mixed largely at their own Sunset 7 Studio with guitarist Dave Hollinghurst as engineer. The full-length record was released on vinyl through the band’s own Later Records.

Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No’s third full-length record “Double Life”, also recorded and mixed at Sunset 7 Studio, will be released on Friday February 2nd as a joint release on Later/Clearly Records.


Upon being informed that the title of Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No’s new record is “Double Life” most people have an immediate reaction that seems to leap out before the person catches it; a knowing nod or smile. Apparently, everyone has a double life. While expanding on the themes of mortality and madness found on their previous records, “Double Life” has a more divided feel to it; more immediate, yet more stark.

‘Double Life’ is their first full length album recording and it’s one that makes you sit up and take notice right from the start. Sitting somewhere between Indie & Art rock the band’s sound is one of jangly guitars and strident drums; at times dissonant and sometimes even discordant, it’s an album that challenges and fascinates almost in equal measure. Perhaps the track that best sums up the album is the second track in, ‘We’re A Mess’, based on a heavily distorted guitar sound and lines like “Strung out in a Hotel room on stuff. That’s a lie but at least that’s what it feels like” it perfectly sums up the mood of the album and the music of this band.