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An Australian singer-songwriter with a gift for deadpan observation and deftly deployed guitar licks, Carla Geneve sneaks up on you: Her songs can feel like overheard conversations, but also she’s got a keen instinct for just when and how to crank up the dramatic tension. She’s only just released her debut EP, and Geneve has already locked down a pitch-perfect mix of booming peaks and seething near-silences.

Fremantle’s own Carla Geneve is back with another heartfelt track, guaranteed to have you belting the lyrics back at her. Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover is the first taste of her debut full-length album which is due to be released later this year.

In the coming weeks Geneve will be supporting Julia Jacklin on her Australia tour, while Carla and her band were planning on heading to Austin for SXSW 2020, this Perth muso may have a little more time on her hands following the cancellation of the March festival for the first time in 34 years). Check out the intimate video for ‘Yesterday’s Clothes‘ released alongside the EP. Directed by Matt Sav, Carla says of the video, “I wanted the video to reflect the personal nature of the song. To me, sitting alone in front of a camera is a vulnerable situation, a lot like releasing a song to the world which describes private parts of my life. I also think that the simplicity of the video serves the live sound of the track“.

Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover up close and personal music video screams Carla Geneve from start to finish. Easing in with a classic beat, Geneve’s shot from different angles, some accompanying her pastel pink guitar and application of her signature eyeliner. It intersects progressively between the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Director Duncan Wright says the video aims to “promote Carla’s bold and unique outlook through a wide range of emotions, vulnerabilities, tension and braveness” – and it does just that.

Chorus line “Don’t wanna be your lover, you bring out the best in me, but I don’t wanna touch you,” is emotive and powerful paired with a heavy indie-rock instrumental that builds epically, notably from the bridge onwards. Stripped from its visual element, this track stands alone and powerful in its meaning and musicality. As she continues to grow before our eyes, Geneve’s fans will have this one on repeat.

From ‘Carla Geneve’ released on Fri June 7th via Dot Dash Recordings/Remote Control Records