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DAN MANGAN – ” Fool For Waiting “

Posted: February 13, 2018 in MUSIC

Considering I’ve never really set out to do so before, I wanted to write a classic love song and this is as close as I got. I think the crux of it – the song is about finding someone who makes you feel less crazy, or at least someone who finds your craziness endearing because it’s real. And that real, imperfect love is not always as dramatic as a wild romance, but that it’s worth waiting for. When the song was first written, I demo’d it really simply and felt like it was from a more universal kind of songwriter-y voice than most of my work, and that it didn’t really fit in with the rest of my songs. I figured I’d try to get someone really famous to sing it instead of me. But my wife really encouraged me to take the leap and go for it myself. So I did. It feels like a leap, but one that I’ve come to appreciate. The song was produced by Simone Felice and engineered/mixed by Ryan Hewitt  . They had a really simple and classic vision for it, and I recorded the vocals and piano live off the floor duo with Matt Johnson on the drums. Matt’s playing is wonderfully sparse and open, and it left a lot of room for the lyrics to sink in. The take feels a bit imperfect in a nice way. There’s a moment at the end where I chuckled on the line “Oh, and they tell me”. Simone liked it because he couldn’t tell if I was laughing or crying. And ain’t that just life…Dan Mangan



Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan has just released the powerful new video for his track “Whistleblower”. Taken from his 2016 EP “Unmake”, the video juxtaposes Mangan’s  understated acoustic track with intense images of anger.

“Seems there is a lot of anger in the world,” Mangan explained. “Anger can be important. Anger can topple tyrants. Anger can be a catalyst to growth. But if it becomes the default lens through which the world is seen, it can blind us from the redemption or beauty that can be found in this absurdity of errors. This video was not made with the intent to incite anger, but it does hope to advocate to work through anger and find the other side of it. To find resolution, forgiveness, and peace. Everyone involved donated their time/talent completely, and I am so grateful.”

Dan Mangan

About a week ago Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan surprised everyone by releasing an unannounced EP Unmake.

“I’m writing up a storm at the moment, putting my mind and heart into another LP,” Mangan explained in his regular newsletter. “But I’ve also been busy as of late just messing around in the studio. It’s been wonderfully cathartic to just record little bits and bobs of things with no big huge album campaign to think about. Just gratuitous fun. So here it is, 5 songs. And as an experiment within this digital age of audio, I figured it would be interesting to try an exclusively digital release.”

1. Whistleblower
2. Hang With Me (Robyn Cover)
3. Race To The Bottom
4. Forgetery Redux (Feat. Tegan Quin)
5. Kitsch Redux

Dan Mangan performs “Whistleblower” live at Indie88 in the Collective Arts Black Box

Vancouver’s Dan Mangan is best known in his home country as a talented singer-songwriter with an occasionally gravelly and always expressive voice. In 2012, he won two JUNO Awards — including New Artist of the Year — for his album Oh Fortune.

Now, Mangan has decided to scrap his bread-and-butter approach to folk earworms, form a band, and go in a knottier direction. His fourth album, Club Meds, is his first as Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, a Vancouver-based band featuring experimental musicians and past collaborators like Kenton Loewen, Gordon Grdina, and John Walsh. The result of a two-year hiatus Club Meds finds Mangan in a completely different headspace compared to his previous efforts. Here, the songs are more fluid and less conventional, backed by looping synths, intricate drum patterns, and cascading guitars.

Dan Mangan transitions nicely into this relatively experimental frame of mind. Opener “Offred” serves up a beautiful dose of guitars and synth-induced atmosphere, with Mangan’s distinctive baritone vocal nicely blending into the chaos. Singles “Vessel” and “Mouthpiece” are the most straightforward tracks of the bunch. Despite the electric guitar arpeggios, “Mouthpiece” feels closest to Mangan’s earlier material, with rapidly strummed acoustic guitars and a fiery chorus. Other highlights include the title track, which boasts whammy pedal effects that make it feel like a moodier cousin of Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung”, and “Kitsch”, a slow-burner so mesmerizing it can be forgiven for initially off-putting lyrics like “Ladies in dresses/ Whores in the bedroom.”

Elsewhere, however, “War Spoils” is a droning snoozer that’s more distracting than mood-setting despite the pretty instrumental flourishes. And sometimes the arrangements feel like they’ve been taken too obviously out of the Grizzly Bear playbook: intricate, ominous chord progressions from uniquely tuned guitars. Despite its mixed offerings, Club Meds is a fascinating and unpredictable new direction from Mangan, surviving its own missteps. A few risks fail, but everything’s more interesting.

Essential Tracks: “Offred”, “Club Meds”, and “Kitsch” From the album Club Meds by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, 2015