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When singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan saw the phrase “Daddy Issues” scribbled on the bathroom wall of a now-defunct Nashville DIY venue, she mistakenly assumed it was the name of an all-girl punk outfit sure to become her next favorite band. Upon realizing that no such band existed, Moynihan and friends Emily Maxwell (drums) and Jenna Mitchell (bass) picked up their instruments, taught themselves how to play and started their own band. Three years later, Daddy Issues  release their full-length vinyl debut Deep Dream, out via Infinity Cat Recordings.

Daddy Issues writes self-aware grunge pop about friendship, lost love and life as an urban twenty-something. They openly discuss complex issues like bodily integrity but graft in bits of snark and charm to the otherwise arresting topic. This empowering viewpoint coupled with aggressive distortion and bubbly melodies gives the trio a distinct dynamism. Recorded on November 15th, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

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If you crave something a little saltier than surf bands La Luz or Bombón, North Carolina’s dearly departed Daddy Issues might be what you’re looking for: a modern girl gang of Shangri-Las in wetsuits rather than leather jackets, walking on the sand after staying out all night. This band’s sound is overall drier and janglier than La Luz’s wet atmospherics, but they share a talent for sultry guitar leads and floaty girl group harmonies, as on seductive come-hither tune “Wild Thing.” Bonus: On earlier EP Double Loser, the band sings about falling in love with a slimy sea creature that only comes out at night, bringing in some ’60s B-movie imagery to match their ’60s-inspired sound. The song is coquettishly entitled “Sex on the Beach.” “It’s difficult not to love this North Carolina based quartet’s surfy pop rock. Like Chastity Belt’s ‘Cool Slut‘, the track says, “Hey! Girls can have sex too!”. “This is simply a perfect, shining moment of girl group surf pop. There’s something here reminiscent of The Vaselines.


Released November 3, 2015

Lo Davy: Guitar & Vox
Lindsey Sprague: Lead Guitar & Backup Vox
Madeline Putney: Bass
Joshua Johnson: Drums

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“I’m Not,” the latest single from the band’s forthcoming debut album Deep Dream, is one such piece. Over fuzzed-out guitars and an insistent rhythm section, it deals with the long-lasting impacts of sexual assault and abuse.

Three years ago, singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan saw the words “Daddy Issues” written on the wall at a Nashville DIY venue and assumed — with what seems like utterly charming feminist optimism — that it was the name of an all-girl punk group. Sadly, it wasn’t; fortunately, Moynihan chose to recruit some friends to take up the band moniker themselves. The resulting trio — which also includes drummer Emily Maxwell and bassist Jenna Mitchell — makes stormy, grungey pop that can be charming and trenchant in equal measure. Moynihan sings about love, sex and sleazy exes so unwaveringly you can almost feel her direct eye contact. Some of the band’s songs have a disillusioned or ironic tone, but they rarely feel callow; often the resentment feels deeply intimate, as if it’s coming straight from a raw nerve.

From Daddy Issues‘ upcoming full-length vinyl debut Deep Dream, out May 19th on Infinity Cat Recordings.


“Unicorns & Rainbows (Boyfriend)” is the second single off Daddy Issues’ Can We Still Hang. Starting out with that crunchy guitar sound and those drums that attack the song with purpose get me going, add in those sad girl vocals and I am gone. “You should have known, I am full of shit, Not unicorns and rainbows.” Daddy Issues is on tour now and if you can get there, I highly suggest seeing them. One of my favorites in the garage punk scene. Out of Nashville and on the Infinity Cat label, Daddy Issues is Jenna, Jenna and Emily.


“Unicorns & Rainbows (Boyfriend)” is the second single off Daddy Issues’ Can We Still Hang. Can We Still Hang is release 30th June and is the first tape in our second annual Infinity Cat Cassette Series


with two bands named Daddy Issues its not easy to seperate the two this one includes two Jennas and Emily from Nashville. They dig into grungy, garage pop on “Ugly When I Cry,” one of only two released singles. Droning guitar and bass swarm distorted angsty vocals for an undeniable 90’s sound with grit and heart. Sad girls rejoice. The newest single from Daddy Issues, everyone’s favorite sad girl witch rock band.

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DADDY ISSUES – ” Lethal Dose “

Posted: February 15, 2015 in MUSIC


When a band made up of four women names themselves Daddy Issues, you have to assume they know exactly what they’re doing. Put together in 2013 by singer/guitarists Lo Davy and Lindsey Sprague in the wake of some depressing breakups, the band seems to have been named after the kind of stupid accusations boys throw at girls when relationships are falling apart. Joined soon enough by bassist Madeleine Putney and drummer Hannah Hawkins, Daddy Issues evolved into the sort of surf-influenced guitar-pop band you’d imagine growing out of a jam session between Best Coast and Haim in the grip of a Shangri-Las obsession.


And lyrically, this quartet isn’t holding anything back (something you might have expected based on the name). Their upcoming four-song cassette, Double Loser, will be out next month, but right now, we’ve got a sneak preview for you with leadoff track “So Hard.” On this tune, Lo Davy breaks things down in a manner that leaves little to the imagination; “thinkin’ about my love dripping down your thighs” is one of the song’s first lines, and the chorus is centered around the repeated line “I get my baby so hard!” It seems difficult to believe that anyone would miss the borderline X-rated lyrical content here, but it honestly took me several listens to pick up on it, just because it’s delivered so sweetly. The jangly guitars and falsetto vocal melodies were so charming.