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Stockholm’s finest, Viagra Boys are back with an incredible EP. They’ve also announced some tour dates for November too. One of them being here in Manchester. Common Sense” consists of 4 songs that will unapologetically annihilate you. Sebastian’s voice never sounded better, and that sax will always be a welcomed sound on a Viagra Boys song. The title track feels like Sebastian having a word with himself, but at the same time you can think of about 5 people this song could be applicable to. We all know someone who may go too far and is a little too self-destructive. The way in which Sebastian sings this is like someone who is completely wired at 4am and is having a heart to heart with themselves. 

“Lick The Bag” where oh where do we even start with this. It’s a rebellious song, and you can completely imagine everyone going batshit to this at their shows. There is something so sordid and beautifully depraved about this, and fellow shrimps will be obsessed with this. Viagra Boys are an exciting band, and even that doesn’t do them justice. Their cult-like following and dedication from the fans is truly beautiful. Lick The Bag will hopefully become everything Sports has become. An iconic song for our generation. The thing is, Viagra Boys just put out incredible music and their songs just mess with your mind.

That’s part of the charm. Everything about what they do just corrupts your mind, and you probably wouldn’t have it any other way. I love everything about their slick style, and how they just do it their way. It is truly unlike anything else, and this new EP is a perfect demonstration of this.

“Sentinel Island” is probably my favourite track off the EP right now. I’ve played this one a few more times than the others. I love the instrumental at the end, and again it is one I’m pretty sure will be wild in their live shows. The EP ends on “Blue” this will break your heart. It’s so brutally honest, and it has this insane Blues feel to it. Think of Willis Earl Beal meeting Stiv Bators. It is powerful and soulful; it’s a bold way to end the record but it also shows us just how effortlessly brilliant they are.

Two songs on the record to make you gently weep, and two in the middle to make you just rip shit up! there’s no other band out there that you’d want to do this to you. You’re going to fall in love with Common Sense. It’s got everything you’d expect and not expect from them. The twists and the turns in their sound is what makes Viagra Boys a truly standout band, and this EP is just a little taster of what’s to come.