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Joseph Arthur will release a new album this autumn titled “Come Back World”, It is his first new solo album in three years, due for release on October 11th. The album features guest appearances by Ben Harper, The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, Jesse Malin and Greg Dulli, and Joseph calls it “an album about rebirth and survival.” That’s the cover art above, and you can check out the title track right now, he’s crafted his most personal and powerful album to date.

“The interesting parts of our stories aren’t the famous people we meet,” Arthur remarked. Or the times when everything is basically working. Or when we get to lay in comfort with a partner watching Netflix and the world go by.  The interesting parts are when all those things break down and you’re left in isolation to finally deal with the roots of whatever had been thwarting your existence all along. The interesting parts are when the world has turned its back on you and you have turned your back on it or them. When darkness could seemingly swallow you whole if it hasn’t already. When there is no such thing as hope and so you manufacture it from a dream which only angle is to survive. Come Back World is an album about rebirth and survival.”

The title track of Joseph Arthur’s new Album Come Back World, available everywhere October 2019.