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Radiohead at Coachella 2017

After Radiohead’s release last month of OK Computer OKNOTOK the extended 20th anniversary reissue of their 1997 album, they’ve also announced the return of

The band plans to release several recent live shows on the channel, according to a tweet this morning, and the first of them is the band’s headlining Coachella set from April, which you can see in full there or on their YouTube channel — all 114 minutes of it.

In their first set at this year’s Coachella, the band played only three songs when they were hampered by feedback and sound loss. Yorke identified the problem to the crowd as “f—in’ aliens again,” and the band left the stage twice. Upon returning, he teased, “Can you actually hear me now? I’d love to tell you a joke, lighten the mood, something like that. But this is Radiohead, so f— it.”

Of course, the set now available on comes from their second Coachella set, which they played the following weekend —the one without the sound problems.

This weekend, Radiohead will headline Glasgow’s new festival, TRNSMT,

Radiohead @ Coachella 2017 Setlist:

Daydreaming – 0:00 
Desert Island Disk – 6:08 / 6:30 
Ful Stop – 10:43 
15 Step – 16:22 
Myxomatosis – 20:35 
Lucky – 24:46 
All I Need – 29:24 
Pyramid Song – 33:50 
Thom fiddlin’ on the Prophet – 39:30 
Everything in it’s Right Place – 39:58 
Bloom – 44:33 
Identikit – 51:12 
My Iron Lung – 56:30 
The Gloaming – 1:01:39 
Electric intro – 1:05:07 
I Might be Wrong – 1:05:33 
Bodysnatchers – 1:10:25

Exit Music (For a Film) – 1:14:54 
Reckoner – 1:19:58 
No Surprises – 1:27:37 
Paranoid Android – 1:32:05 
Fake Plastic Trees – 1:39:15 
Lotus Flower – 1:44:26 
Idioteque – 1:39:34


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