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I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Nashville’s Maggie Rose, but was told to drop everything and listen to her second album. I tend to hate traditonal style country music, but this album reminds me just how good that genre can be when it’s full of heart instead of studio polish. Change also radiates with the glory and divine feminine energy of that first Indigo Girls album, you now, the one most dudes have in their record collections. As it steadily builds steam, it turns into a bonafide rock and roll record, reminding me of the days when Linda Ronstadt released bonafide rock and roll records. Perhaps with this album and it’s little bit of country, little bit of honey, and little bit of booty shaking, we finally have something everyone on the Right and Left can agree on.

In 2018, Rose was named a YouTube Emerging Artist and a Artist to Watch. Quickly being recognized as a formidable force in the pop-soul, jam-band arena, Rose performed aboard the Cayamo Cruise with performers including Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris and Dawes, and she opened tour dates as support for Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning Of Life Tour.

“Change The Whole Thing” Out Now