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The music they produce ranges from the most beautiful and melancholy soundtrack to the loudest of feedback driven post rock. They have certainly mastered the soft/loud dynamic, of bands such as Swans, Mogwai and low”

Southampton’s Burning House have created a sepia-tinted sound that is both pastoral and psychedelic.
Since their formation in 2011, Burning House have been slowly picking up a storm. The glacial arpeggios, the guttural feedback that owe’s much to the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, as it does to the likes of Red House Painters and My Bloody Valentine. The music truly takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions which evolves a certain sadness, elation, but also black humour. The sound is also dreamlike recalling moments of our youth lost to time’s unforgiving fire.


Band Members
Aaron – Vocals/Guitar
Ruby – Guitar/ Vocals
Dominic – Drums
Patrick – Bass

Released July 12th, 2019