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Strange Ranger (fka Sioux Falls) is a band from Montana, now based out of Philadelphia, PA. in the spirit of the new year, here’s a lil EP comprised of stuff that’s been floating around for a while. we’re trying to tour a lot and do a bunch of cool stuff but our van won’t start (amongst other issues) so basically if you’ve got a bit of change to spare,  It seems Strange Ranger change their sound every year now, it shows how talented Isaac and Fred are that they can write such different music all the time.


Released December 30th, 2018

Band Members:
Isaac Eiger- Vocals, Guitar, Melodica
Fred Nixon- Bass, Keyboard, Synths
Nathan Tucker- Drums

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It’s difficult to describe what it is exactly about Strange Ranger that has me in love with their music, but it is certainly some combination of the stream-of-conscious lyrics and the winding indie rock jams. Setting this album on a record player is like sitting down for a 5 course meal at a fancy restaurant. As I proceed through the track list, I digest each song fully, marveling at each facet and savoring the textures. There is a true depth to these tracks that may not be apparent on the 1st or even 10th listen. With Daymoon, Strange Ranger have miraculously recreated the success of Rot Forever and proved they have the skill to write great music for a long, long, time.


Released October 6th, 2017

Isaac Eiger– vocals, guitars, some of the organ/keyboard
Fred Nixon– bass, some of the vocals, pump organ, casiotone mt-68 electronic musical instrument, piano, melodica, guitars on 6
Nathan Tucker– drums
Fiona Woodman– vocals on 1, 2, 13, casiotone mt-68 musical instrument on 15
Dookie + Sawyer– vocals on 9

Daymoon was recorded by Strange Ranger in Gerry’s room during the winter of 2016/17