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Prog legends Emerson, Land & Palmer will release a new 10 LP/seven disc live box set in October.

Prog legends Emerson Lake & Palmer were one of the early supergroups (formed from the roots of The Nice, King Crimson and Atomic Rooster in 1970) and cemented their legacy in the first half of the 70s. Often overblown, they stripped away much of the blues, soul and psychedelia from rock music, playing classical music like an insane robot. Immensely popular and rightfully so . ELP split at the end of the decade and reformed a number of times.

There is quite a live legacy, as the number of official live albums show. And while the 4 multi-disc box sets in the Official Bootleg series filled many a gap, the quality was often ropey at best. This album is just wonderful from the moment you open it up. Out of the box comes a booklet and five live albums in card sleeves, all gatefold, two of them double sets. That’s the weekend’s listening sorted then.

Out Of This World: Live (1970-1997)” will be released through BMG Records on October 29 as part of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The new set pulls together five of the biggest and most important shows ELP played across their 50 illustrious years, including their performances at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 1970 and their headline show at the 1974 California Jam. You can view the new artwork and full track lisitng below.

“I could not think of a better way to celebrate this anniversary period for ELP. The box set is one of my proudest moments,” says only surviving member Carl Palmer. “I know Keith and Greg would agree with me! “Out Of This World” is something I will remember for a long time to come. For me, this shows ELP at their very best throughout years of touring and recording. The box set represents the lifeline of our music in our time.” 

Each album has been reimagined with impressive new artwork, reflecting various aspects of the band and their epic, ground-breaking music. The LP box contains 5 x deluxe gatefold double LPs with high quality, fully-restored audio mastering.

Most of the LPs are previously unreleased on vinyl; Phoenix 1997 has never been released. The CDs have been out of print for many years and never released to this standard of artwork and audio. Each set comes complete with a 32-page, glossy photobook, featuring many intimate, rare and unseen images of the band from legendary photographers including Lynn Goldsmith and Neil Preston. Liner notes are provided by Prog Magazine Editor Jerry Ewing.

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The Box Set:

Isle of White Festival 1970 The first set is the band’s debut performance at the August 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival (the DVD now long out of print).

The first set is the band’s debut performance at the August 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival (the DVD now long out of print). Opening track “The Barbarian” (from their eponymous debut) showcases the classical leanings, as much as the band’s technical craft. It’s fast and aggressive. As with much of their music, it is Keith Emerson’s keyboards take the lead. There’s a jazz metal element to Carl Palmer’s drumming too. The second track “Take A Pebble” is a gentler track, featuring vocalist and guitarist/bassist Greg Lake.

The audience response is muted, largely due to the fact that while the names were known, the band and music weren’t, it was a learning experience for everyone. Next up is a 35 minute run-through of Mussorgsky’s “Picture’s At An Exhibition” (which was the basis of a live album in it’s own right a year or two later). It’s a track that has everything; from folky whimsical sections to, at the heavier end, imagine a robot having an epileptic fit while playing rock’n’roll. Marvellous. A take on “Rondo” (The Nice) and a cover of “Nutrocker” close the set. “Rondo” is take from The Nice’s debut a few years earlier, which is often considered the first bone fide progressive rock album. And the disc here is completed by a band interview.

Isle Of Wight Festival, Newport, UK, 29 August 1970
1. The Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade Part 1 / The Gnome / Promenade Part 2 / The Sage / The Old Castle / Blues Variation                
4. Pictures At An Exhibition (Continued): Promenade Part 3 / The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Curse Of Baba Yaga / The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Great Gates Of Kiev
5. Rondo
6. Nutrocker
7. Interview

California Jam 1974 The second set is the band’s performance at the 1974 Opening track “Toccata” is pretty much a drum solo, then the gentler “Still You Turn Me On“, featuring some nice acoustic guitar from Lake. “Lucky Man” follows suit, and clearly a loved track from the audience cheer. There’s the usual Emerson piano improvisation before the highlight of 2 segments of “Karn Evil 9” (the full track comes form the Brain Salad Surgery album, a staple of any decent record collection).

California Jam, Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California, USA, 6 April 1974
1. Toccata
2. Still … You Turn Me On
3. Lucky Man
4. Piano Improvisations (Including ‘Fugue’ And ‘Little Rock Getaway’)
5. Take A Pebble
6. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2
7. Karn Evil 9 3rd Impression
8. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Great Gates Of Kiev

Works Live 1977 The 3rd set is the double disc Works Live. Although previously released, it has been long out of print. It is the full and expanded show from which the original live set In Concert was taken. This concert is with an orchestra and is stunning

The 3rd set is the double disc “Works Live”. Although previously released, it has been long out of print. It is the full and expanded show from which the original live set “In Concert” was taken. There’s a selection of the usual and classic Emerson Lake & Palmer, coupled with tracks from the two “Works” sets. “C’Est La Vie” is the band although it is effectively a Greg Lake solo track, and the “Peter Gunn Theme” is always good. “Tiger In A Spotlight” gets the head nodding, and Keith Emerson’s take on Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” is excellent too. The sound and mix are good. A highlight is the cover of “Fanfare For The Common Man” (an unlikely hit single for the band). And several tracks feature a 70 piece orchestral.

‘Works Live’, Stade Olympique De Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 26 August 1977
1. Introductory Fanfare
2. Peter Gunn
3. Tiger In A Spotlight
4. C’est La Vie
5. Watching Over You
6. Maple Leaf Rag
7. The Enemy God Dances With The Black Spirits
8. Fanfare For The Common Man
9. Knife-Edge
10. Show Me The Way To Go Home
11. Abaddon’s Bolero
12. Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade Part 1 / The Gnome / Promenade Part 2 / The Hut Of Baba Yaga /
The Curse Of Baba Yaga / The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Great Gates Of Kiev
13.Closer To Believing
14. Piano Concerto, Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco
15. Tank

Royal Albert Hall 1992 Set 4 is a nicely packaged gig at the Royal Albert Hall, 1992. Newer tracks “Black Moon”, “Paper Blood” and “Romeo & Juliet” sit nicely next to “Tarkus”, “Pirates” and “Fanfare For The Common Man“. Set 4 is a nicely packaged gig at the Royal Albert Hall, 1992, when the band had reformed for an excellent studio album or two. This show I had wanted to go to but it soon sold out. The band are solid, tight and it’s well recorded.

The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK October 1992
1. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2
2. Tarkus: Eruption / Stones Of Years / Iconoclast
3. Knife-Edge
4. Paper Blood
5. Romeo And Juliet
6. Creole Dance
7. Still … You Turn Me On
8. Lucky Man
9. Black Moon
10. Pirates
11. Fanfare For The Common Man / America / Rondo

Union Hall Phoenix 1997 (unreleased) The final set here is the 2CD Phoenix Arizona 1997, which showed that ELP still had a solid fanbase. The production is solid and modern,

The final set here is the 2CD Phoenix Arizona 1997, which showed that ELP still had a solid fanbase. The production is solid and modern, although as a general rule the tracks weren’t as long. “Honky Tonk Train Blues” gets a blast, “Take A Pebble” is the longest track on disc one at 8 minutes, and Emerson Lake & Powell’s Touch And Go gets a run out. Disc two is more classic ELP with “Tarkus” running to 12 minutes and “Pictures At An Exhibition” to 24. This is the kind of music prog rock fans live for. And a gem and highlight is the closing track, a medley of “21st Century Schizoid Man” (King Crimson) and “Rondo” (the Nice). This is music you can drink wine and chill out or rock out to, with ease.

Union Hall, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 23 September, 1997
1. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Part 2
2. Hoedown
3. Touch And Go
4. From The Beginning
5. Knife-Edge
6. Bitches Crystal
7. Creole Dance
8. Honky Tonk Train Blues
9. Take A Pebble
10. Lucky Man
11.Tarkus: Eruption / Stones Of Years / Iconoclast / Mass 
12. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Hut Of Baba Yaga / The Great Gates Of Kiev
13. Fanfare For The Common Man (including drum solo) / Blue Rondo A La Turk
14. 21st Century Schizoid Man / America

Emerson Lake And Palmer were both classic and classical prog rock and this set is to be really enjoyed. Overblown, self-indulgent and marvellous all the way.

Much of this material has been officially released previously, some in a different format and all long out of print. The packaging is top-notch and there’s a colourful booklet with it too. Well worth your money, and a few hours listening too. A little bit more previously unreleased recorded to the same quality would have been the icing on the cake.

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Keith Richards has done a lot of great stuff over the last several decades and one of the most memorable solo projects is his work with The X-Pensive Winos. It’s been over 30 years since The X-Pensive Winos released their iconic “Live At The Hollywood Palladium” album and it seems like Keith is feeling a bit nostalgic because he’s re-releasing a special deluxe box set of that very record.

The restoration and reissuing of the storied solo album release catalogue from main guitar slinger Rolling Stone Keith Richards continues with this set featuring the solo hit “Take It So Hard”, Richards-led Stones classic “Happy” and previously unreleased performances of “You Don’t Move Me, Little T&A” and the Lennon/McCartney penned “I Wanna Be Your Man“.

For those wondering what exactly is in this special deluxe box set, it comes packed full of goodies including the remastered album on two 180g vinyl records and on CD, three unreleased bonus tracks exclusive to this box set, a DVD of the original concert film, a 40-page hard book featuring an essay written by David Fricke.

Recorded on December 15th, 1988, during the tour for Talk Is Cheap, “Live at the Hollywood Palladium” is a loose, groove-laden affair, featuring the best from Keith Richards’ first solo album as well as some Stones classics — mostly tunes he took lead vocals on. Opening with “Take It So Hard,” the first thing that hits the listener is the lack of the gloss that was probably the only drawback to Talk Is Cheap, which is a very good thing, because while the album was still leaps and bounds more real than, say, Dirty Work, this live collection is loose without ever getting away from the band, and has an organic feel not present in the Stones’ work since the early ’70s. Rockers like “Whip It Up” and “Struggle” swagger, while Sarah Dash shines on “Make No Mistake” and “Time Is On My Side.” Richards even manages to get into the reggae groove without sounding too clichéd on “Too Rude.” Live at the Hollywood Palladium is a solid live album that stands head and shoulders above most of the Stones‘ live records, and is easily a must-have for any serious Rolling Stones or Keith Richards fan.

Deluxe packaging. Remastered sound. Restored DVD video.

Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos – Live At The Hollywood Palladium tracklist:

1. ‘Take It So Hard’
2. ‘How I Wish’
3. ‘I Could Have Stood You Up’
4. ‘Too Rude’
5. ‘Make No Mistake’
6. ‘Time Is On My Side’
7. ‘Big Enough’
8. ‘Whip It Up’
9. ‘Locked Away’
10. ‘Struggle’
11. ‘Happy’
12. ‘Connection’
13. ‘Rockawhile’

1. ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ (Box Set Only)
2. ‘Little T&A’ (Box Set Only)
3. ‘You Don’t Move Me’ (Box Set Only)

Box Set Includes:
– The remastered album on 2 180g LPs
– 10” vinyl of 3 unreleased bonus tracks (I Wanna Be Your Man, Little T&A, You Don’t Move Me) exclusive to this box set only
– Remastered CD of original album
– DVD of original concert film
– 40 page, hardback book with David Fricke essay featuring a new interview with Keith, plus extensive rare and unseen photos from Keith’s archives

Reproductions of archival materials from the tour including:
– Tour press release
Keith’s handwritten setlist
– Hand-drawn band dressing room sign
– Tour itinerary
– Press photos
– Ticket stub
– VIP & backstage passes
Keith’s custom Hollywood Palladium plectrum
– Promotional wine label & bag given away at the show
… and more!

Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos – “Live At The Hollywood Palladium“. Released in 2020 via BMG Records.

pretenders, hate for sale cover art

Pretenders are pleased to announce brand new album ‘Hate For Sale’. Arriving July 17th 2020. Hate For Sale, produced by the revered Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur), is the latest studio album by The Pretenders via BMG records. The album features 10 new songs written collaboratively by Chrissie Hynde and the electrifyingly dynamic guitarist James Walbourne, in what is the first Hynde/Walbourne song writing collaboration to date.

The Pretenders’ latest single, “You Can’t Hurt a Fool” is a slinky and soulful ballad in which Chrissie Hynde sings about a woman commanding the room with diva like qualities. The timeless sounding track comes from the band’s brand-new album, Hate For Sale which was released on Friday 17th July. A nostalgic music video sets the scene with reflections of heroine’s dancing in the shiny silver chrome of a vintage ribbon microphone.

Hynde co-wrote all ten tracks on the new album with Pretenders’ guitarist, James Walbourne. “I wanted to write with [Walbourne] since day one,” Hynde said in a statement. “James is especially sought after and has recorded with Jerry Lee Lewis, Dave Gahan and the Rails, to name but a few. We always planned on writing while on the road, but as anyone in a band will tell you, being on tour is a procrastinator’s dream come true.”

Let’s recap on the Pretenders videos we’ve been graced with these past few months. This month sees the release of Hate For SalePretenders’ 11th studio album. Despite arriving 40 years after the band’s captivating 1980 self-titled debut, Hate For Sale expertly aligns with the band’s original oeuvre: jangling guitars, confessional vocals and no nonsense rock punch. In fact, for fans who have been following since the early days, the Bo Diddley beat of new single “Didn’t Want To Be This Lonely” even harks back to 1980’s “Talk Of The Town” B-side, “Cuban Slide.” 

Hynde played with future Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh in Saturday Sunday Matinee in 1967 when she was 16. She told Melody Maker, “I was so shy that I wouldn’t stay in the same room as the band to sing. I’d take the mike into the laundry room and shut the door.” Hynde only played one gig with the band, a show at an Ohio church hall. More than 40 years later, she opened for Mothersbaugh’s band, Devo. Hynde was an art student at Ohio’s Kent State University when, on May 4th, 1970, the National Guard were called in to control Vietnam protesters on campus and shot dead four students, with nine more wounded. The shocking event was memorialised in the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young track “Ohio,” which was recorded within three weeks of the incident and released a month later. “I heard the shots, I didn’t see the shooting,” Hynde recalled. “We all refused to leave and we were carried off campus.” In her autobiography,RecklessHynde wrote of her friend Jeff Miller, who had died in the shooting, “I knew Jeff Miller had been a fan of Neil Young, so I was happy that Young had become our spokesman, our voice.”‘

They’ve previously teased the record with singles “The Buzz” and “Hate for Sale,” which bring Hynde’s potent punk roots back to the surface. Check out the music videos, created in lockdown below. Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers, who remains the only original member with Hynde in the 2020 Pretenders line-up, was recommended to Hynde,  Motörhead’s Lemmy. “Lemmy was very instrumental in my history,” Hynde told us “Without him the Pretenders wouldn’t have happened.”

Made entirely under UK Covid Lockdown, director John Minton takes the band’s basic iPhone footage and turns it into slices of celluloid greatness.

Hate For Sale, produced by the revered Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur), is the latest studio album by The Pretenders via BMG. The album features 10 new songs written collaboratively by Chrissie Hynde and the electrifyingly dynamic guitarist James Walbourne, in what is the first Hynde/Walbourne song writing collaboration to date.

The official video for Didn’t Want To Be This Lonely by The Pretenders, from the new album ‘Hate For Sale’, out July 17th 2020.

Morrissey / new album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain'

Morrissey will release a new album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain”, in March.

His 13th studio long-player follows last year’s covers album California Son and like that record I Am Not A Dog On A Chain has been produced by Joe Chicarelli.

The producer describes the forthcoming album as “his boldest and most adventurous album yet. He has pushed the boundaries yet again – both musically and lyrically”. Chicarelli has now produced the last four Morrissey albums, beating the three album run of Steve Lillywhite in the 1990s when he worked on Vauxhall and I, Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted.

via BMG Records. The official audio for ‘Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?’ by Morrissey, taken from the new album ‘I Am Not A Dog on a Chain’ out 20th March.

Next month, BMG will issue a “Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box!” a new Slade vinyl box set filled with 10 seven-inch singles in a box set . This is a ‘strictly limited edition’ vinyl box which features ten ‘internationally released’ seven-inch singles with the artwork from the respective European country where it was released.

The singles start with the band’s first UK number one, ‘Coz I Luv You’ which was issued in 1971 and in fact five of the first six singles in this box set all hit the top of the UK chart (‘Gudbuy T’Jane’ peaked at number two) which is a reminder, if one was needed, at the phenomenal popularity of Slade in the early 1970s

The next three songs included here – ‘My Friend Stan’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Far Far Away’ – were all top three singles and the seven-inch box then skips forward six years to recreate the rare 1980 promo single of ‘Night Starvation’. This was one of three new songs on the Six of the Best EP of the same year (the B-side of this promo single ‘When I’m Dancin’ I Ain’t Fightin’ was also a new track that featured on the same EP).

“Feel The Noize: The Singlez Box!” will be released on 31st May 2019.

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 50th anniversary super deluxe

BMG Records will issue a 50th anniversary edition of The Kinks‘ 1968 album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society in October. The Enormous 11-disc super deluxe edition • 2018 remasters • 174 tracks

The band’s sixth studio album was originally issued in November ’68 and would be the last album by the original line-up (bass player Pete Quaife departed in early 1969). Describing the album today, Ray Davies says it’s about “the ending of a time personally for me in my life. In my imaginary village. It’s the end of our innocence, our youth. Some people are quite old but in the Village Green, you’re never allowed to grow up. I feel the project itself as part of a life cycle.”

The super deluxe edition is an eleven-disc set, no less. It contains a double vinyl LP with stereo and mono versions (both 2018 remasters) and a 12-track ‘Continental’ (Swedish) version on vinyl.

In addition there are five CDs of content as described below:

  • CD1:
    2018 Stereo Remaster, from the original HD tape transfers + bonus tracks of singles, B sides and original album related tracks
  • CD2:
    2018 Mono Remaster, from the original HD tape transfers + bonus tracks of singles, B sides and original album related tracks
  • CD3:
    Village Green Sessions – Including alternate versions, mixes and backing tracks, many previously unreleased
  • CD4:
    Village Green At The BBC – TV performance track audio and band interviews, many previously unreleased
  • CD5:
    Preservation, Sessions, Live & Demos – including mid 70s recordings, previously unreleased home demos, Ray Davies live in Denmark 2010 and unreleased track ‘Time Song’.

The three remaining discs are a trio of replica seven-inch singles, reproduced in picture sleeves. They are:

  • Days / She’s Got Everything (1968)
  • Starstruck / Picture Book (1968)
  • The Village Green Preservation Society / Do You Remember Walter? (1969)

There are 174 tracks in total (see full track listing at the bottom of this post) with “many previously unreleased tracks and versions”, including the previously unreleased track ‘Time Song’ which was performed by The Kinks at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in January 1973. This track was Davies’ commentary on the UK joining what was then called The Common Market. Ray says “This song was recorded a few weeks later but never made the final cut on the Preservation Act I album. Oddly enough, the song seems quite poignant and appropriate to release at this time in British history, and like Europe itself the track is a rough mix which still has to be finessed.” This track features in the box set and the 2CD edition.

Check out the previously Unreleased track ‘Time Song’ :

The box set comes with a 52-page hardcover book with extensive sleeve notes and new band interviews and includes essays by Pete Townshend and other writers. It boasts “special packaging” with debossed box cover, foil & metallic text, linen cloth finish and a ‘bespoke accessories holder’.

It also comes with what we like to call ‘stuff’… broadly categorised as ‘memorabilia’. This includes a poster of Village Green LP inner gatefold; Empire Liverpool 1968 tour poster; glossy 10” x 8” photos from Hampstead Heath 1968 photoshoot; colour press photo with reproduced band signatures; Bournemouth 1968 gig ticket; PYE Records promo card; ‘Days’ sheet music etc.

The other three physical editions are a 2CD deluxe ‘art of the album’ which features the stereo and mono remasters and bonus tracks (49 tracks in total), plus single disc vinyl and CD versions with just the stereo remaster.

The Kinks “Are The Village Green Preservation Society” 50th anniversary editions are out on 26th October 2018. The UK box set price of £94 seems pretty good for all that content .

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The Undertones - The 7 inch Singles Box.jpg

On Record Store Day (April 21st), BMG Records will release The Undertones – Singles, a 13 x 7” vinyl box set featuring every single released by the band between 1978-1983. Currently commemorating the 40th anniversary of their classic debut single, ‘Teenage Kicks’, The Undertones are one of the best bands to have come out of Northern Ireland. Taking youth adoration from glam-rock and giving it the stripped-down simplicity and energy of punk, the band created 3-minute punk-pop gems that sound as vital today as they did 40 years ago.

The UndertonesSingles features such memorable songs as ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘Here Comes The Summer’ and ‘My Perfect Cousin’, all cut from original analogue tape transfers on 40g vinyl and includes the original single artwork replicated, a ‘Teenage Kicks’ original poster single and additional poster with photos and notes by The Undertones along with track by track comments from bassist Michael Bradley.

“The collective attitude of The Undertones to the magical power and influence of the humble 45rpm 7” single was always one of total reverence and respect. It really did matter. Back then in our Undertone world, a great single was even more important than the LP it helped promote and getting on Top of the Pops was the ultimate accolade that we were doing it right. And if you didn’t make it on TOTP, then there was always the next single,” says guitarist Damian O’Neill. “Listening again to these 13 A and B sides, I hear a great pop group who tried their best to be true to themselves and ultimately didn’t disappoint.”

BMG Records adds two more expanded titles to its collection of Emerson, Lake and Palmer reissues.  Black Moon, on 2 CDs, has the remastered, original 1992 album on Disc One with four bonus single edits, while the second disc has a remastered version of Live at the Royal Albert Hall.  1994’s In the Hot Seat, the trio’s final album, adds three bonus tracks to its remaster on Disc One, and Disc Two presents a dozen live performances originally issued on 1998’s Then and Now.  Both albums are available, sans bonus tracks, in 140-gram vinyl editions.

This double CD comprises all ten tracks from the ‘Black Moon’ album, remastered from the original tapes. These are featured on CD Disc 1 together with four bonus items, edited single versions of the songs ‘Black Moon,’ ‘Affairs Of The Heart,’ ‘Paper Blood’ and Prokofiev’s ‘Romeo And Juliet’. ‘Black Moon’ was ELP’s first studio album since 1978’s ‘Love Beach’ and marked the reunion of the three original members after a 14-year hiatus. First released in May 1992, it was produced by Mark Mancina and engineered by Steve Kempster, who achieved a powerful, updated sound. The title track was inspired by TV images of oil fields set ablaze in 1991 during the first Gulf War. Greg Lake recalls in the liner notes: “It really was a well-made, well-conceived record and all the new material was specifically written for the album”. During a British tour, ELP played two concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall, on October 2nd and 3rd 1992, introduced by BBC Radio DJ Alan Freeman. The shows were expertly recorded and released as ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ in January 1993. A re-mastered version of the album is heard in its entirety on Disc 2 presenting dynamic ELP classics ‘Karn Evil No.9 1st Impression,’ ‘Tarkus,’ ‘Knife Edge,’ ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Pirates.’ A grand finale medley includes old favourites ‘Fanfare For The Common Man,’ ‘America’ and ‘Rondo.’

The Waterboys have announced details of a new double album, “Out Of All This Blue”.

Produced by Mike Scott and recorded in Dublin and Tokyo , Out Of All This Blue will be available on Double CD and Double Vinyl, plus Deluxe Triple CD (including Bonus Tracks) and Deluxe Triple Vinyl (including Bonus Tracks) and Digital. “Out Of All This Blue” contains 23 songs. String and brass sections were arranged and conducted by Trey Pollard of The Spacebomb Collective.

Out Of All This Blue is The Waterboys most exploratory recording yet, comprising 23 songs with Mike Scott’s trademark sharp lyrics set to pop music with echoes of classic R&B, country, soul and funk and underpinned by modern hiphop production values and rhythms. String & brass sections were arranged and conducted by Trey Pollard of The Spacebomb Collective. Mike Scott says of the record: “Out Of All This Blue is 2/3 love and romance, 1/3 stories and observations. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a double album, and lucky for me – and I hope the listener – the songs just kept coming, and in pop colours.”

The Waterboys – Out Of All This Blue It’s due on September 8th their first for new label, BMG Records.


The Waterboys will be playing a few festivals this summer and will undertake a short UK Tour in October.