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Experiencing the music of Sons Of An Illustrious Father is like being invited into a trusted triangle of creativity, emotion, spiritual, personal and interpersonal growth. songwriters/singers/instrumentalists merge selflessly into one artistic continuum. In February, the New York-based trio releases its most boldly vulnerable and artistically distinct body of work yet; its third album, Revol (Big Picnic Records).

The band consist of Ezra Miller, vocals, drums, percussion, and keyboards.” Josh Aubin, vocals, bass, keyboards, and percussion adds: “These songs are rooted in an honest emotional space. They’re about the relationships we have outside and inside the band.” Lilah Larson, vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, and bass, chimes in: “We can bring songs to each other and never have to explain the context. We’ve been together so long that a lot is unspoken it’s a sibling, lover, family thing—it’s the most serious and longest relationship I’ve been in.”

When pressed, the three playfully refer to its music as “future folk” or “heavy meadow.” The trio’s free spirited creativity has garnered comparisons to such diverse artists as The Band, Tom Waits, and Nirvana. Sons take a collaborative approach to songwriting, signing separate songs, and creating three-part harmonies.

The title of the band’s latest album, Revol,“The title refers to a number of words, one being ‘revolt,’ and it speaks to the album’s concepts of love, global struggle, and interpersonal revolt against binary oppression,” Lilah explains.


Revol was recorded in Montreal at Hotel2Tango (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade) by Howard Bilerman who also mixed the album.