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Sardonic and self-aware as ever, Donnelly’s “Die” offers a chipper outlook on the passing fear we’ve all experienced numerous times, most often while driving to work or enjoying an afternoon al fresco: Holy shit, I’m gonna die one day. Donnelly is the victim with a knife to the heart, the frantic nurse trying to administer a shot, the hearse driver; she’s dead, seemingly portraying a fallen runaway bride waiting to be buried alive. (Have we also mentioned that there’s a tuxedo-sporting dog? .

Stella told us she wrote ‘Die’ as a song for her to run to,” the directors explain. “There’s a stark contrast between the title of the song and its actual mood and musicality. We wanted to make a video that complemented the upbeat spirit while still touching on the idea of death. Couldn’t have done it without our dog Thinly.”

Donnelly’s “Die” comes from the Perth native’s stunning 2019 debut, Beware of the Dogs. The upbeat, ‘80s dancercise cadence of “Die” stands out from the rest of the 13-song affair (“I’m just as shocked as you that it’s on there,” fusing elements of pop, folk and rock for storytelling that’s as empathetic as it is in-your-face. “You know that I love you / Wanna buy you more shit / But I can’t afford it,” Donnelly laments. It’s the kind of self-awareness that demands a visual with camp and absurdity, and deliver camp and absurdity it does. Donnelly offers more camp in the video’s three-minute, 11-second run-time she deserves an invite next year as compensation. Thinly deserves one, too.

“Die” by Stella Donnelly off ‘Beware of the Dogs,’ out now on Secretly Canadian Records.