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Brooklyn-via-California pop auteur Betsey Hershey made her mark last year with Days Hours Nights, her dreamy debut album as BETS. Not long after that inaugural release, she hit the studio to record her sophomore album, but serendipity had other plans: Hershey soon diverted her attention to a deep musical study of Violent Femmes, the landmark 1983 debut from the eventual alt-rock icons. Just like that, a new standalone BETS release morphed into a full-album Femmes tribute, informed by Hershey’s characteristic musical palette: lilting shoegaze riffs (with ethereal, Sandoval-esque vocals to match), a swooning pop mainframe and deep psychedelic overtones.


On the heels of Hershey’s previously shared “Blister in the Sun” cover, is proud to unveil another taste of project Violent Femmes, out January 27th. listen to Hershey’s take on the Femmes‘ classic “Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Want to Make Love to You” (famously revived by Gnarls Barkley for their hit 2006 album St. Elsewhere).


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