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Posted: October 4, 2020 in MUSIC

An in-depth exploration of a music movement in the late twentieth century, a fascinating period when some innovative musicians mixed guitar noise into conventional pop song structures while maintaining a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself. Although many of the people interviewed are notoriously press shy they have opened up about their music and experiences from over 20 years ago, how they defied the rules and became sonic innovators that have inspired so many.

The new movie looking at the bands that made you want to be in a band, featuring Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Jesus and Mary Chain a host of others connected to the genre.

Beautiful Noise is a 2014 American music documentary film, written and directed by Eric Green. The film documents three rock bands—Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine—and their influence on subsequent alternative rock bands and subgenres especially shoegaze. Beautiful Noise features extracts from over 50 interviews with bands and artists, as well as archival footage and music videos.


Green commenced production on Beautiful Noise in early 2005 with producer and editor Sarah Ogletree; production was largely completed by 2008 although the project stagnated due to various financial and legal issues. In response, Green began a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in hopes of securing final financial investment for the film’s release. The campaign was supported by several of the bands featured in Beautiful Noise through social media.announced for release in May 2014