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“After three brilliant, criminally overlooked albums, Another Country might be Morton Valence’s masterpiece, the purest distillation of their gradual shift to an ‘urban country’ sound. Hacker’s lyrical take on the poetry of the city has rarely been better, his melodies never stronger, his and Anne Gilpin’s voices rarely so simpatico. From opener Chinatown, the greatest song Calexico never wrote, to the two-part prison drama of First Night/A Tear For Every Year to The Hawkline Discotheque – suburban angst set to an infectious disco beat – this album never lets up. The arrangements are magnificent, by turns heartbreakingly intimate or spaghetti western-epic, and the linking soundscapes evocative. Another Country is a total triumph and you need to hear it.” – from my Narc review

Taken from the album ‘Another Country’ out on the 6th April 2015 on Bastard Recordings

Blue Rose Code perform a track for the Another Country show presented by Ricky Ross live on BBC Radio Scotland