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Ani DiFranco may not be an obvious choice for an americana top ten list but to me, she embodies many of the qualities of americana music. ‘Puddle Dive’ was her fourth album which she released on her own record label (Righteous Babe Records) which she created when she was 19 years old.  DiFranco has used her status as a musician to highlight social issues, human rights and does so while alternating between musical styles including folk and rock.  ‘Puddle Dive’ is full of observations about American society mixing politically-themed missives with personal songs about identity and culture. Her experiences as a female musician and relationships are scattered throughout the album. The lyrics to ‘Willing to Fight’ sum up the album (and probably much of DiFranco’s musical themes throughout her prolific musical life.

“you’ve got your whole life to do something and that’s not very long so why don’t you give me a call when you’re willing to fight for what you think is real for what you think is right.”

Ani DiFranco takes on the tumult and anxieties of the current moment with her characteristic lyrical moxie and some of the lushest arrangements and finest vocals of her entire career.

Ani DiFranco will release an new album in early 2021 that she hopes will bring people optimism and hope. Her upcoming LP, “Revolutionary Love”, follows her 2019 memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream. Many of the songs were written while DiFranco was on her way back home to New Orleans in February. With the global pandemic looming over everyone since then, the album has personal and universal themes meant to inspire.

“I felt very strongly that I needed a horse to ride to try to help get out the vote—to get people inspired and get them believing in democracy, believing in each other and in themselves,” DiFranco said I’m a statement.

She also released the title track of the new LP, which is a seven-minute melodic message to encourage love and compassion. “It’s about carrying the energy of love and compassion into the centre of our social movements and making it the driving force. It’s about finding it within ourselves to stay curious about our opponents instead of shutting down,” she said.

Revolutionary Love releases on January. 29th, 2021, via her Righteous Babe Records label.