THIS IS THE KIT – ” More Change “

Posted: May 10, 2023 in MUSIC

Time for our latest single from our soon to be released new album  ‘Careful of Your Keepers’!

This next song is called ‘More Change’ and comes with a video made by special effects guru and all round film making wizard Ben Jones. 

Ben has one of the best minds and senses of humour and two of the best eyes in the business. Everything he does is pure gold and so I was very excited indeed, and still am, that he was up for making this music video to ‘More Change ‘

“Careful Of Your Keepers” is daring and soft, cutting and warm–a wild feat of complexity and combined dispositions. There’s a shared language of the band’s family experience that is as audible as ever in these recordings, which boast beautiful instrumental performances that still leave the nuanced space required for Stables’ vocals to live at the forefront. “The album was nearly called Goodbye Bite. And in a way it still is,” says Stables. “I went for “Careful of Your Keepers” in the end. It’s one of my favourite songs on the album, a song that for me holds the general feeling of the album as a whole. The fragility of things. Of situations. Of relationships. Of humans. What we do to look after each other and ourselves. The passing of time and what that does to us, and how we live our lives going forward.”

The new This Is The Kit album ‘Careful of You Keepers’ will release on June 9th,

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