SONS OF ZÖKU – ” M​ö​ö​nlight “

Posted: May 7, 2023 in MUSIC

‘Together we are the trip: celebrate the ride…’ So say Adelaide’s award-winning six-piece, Sons of Zöku. Their orbit, the genre-defying psychedelic rock band debut album, their world music influences and creative confidence, Sons of Zöku’s bassist and sitar player, Jordan Buck and Oscar Ellery, the duo says it feels like divine timing for the six-piece to play this year’s world music festival.

“I think we manifested it in a way,” says Jordan. “Over the years, so many people kept asking when we’d be playing WOMAD. We’ve always applied, but I don’t know if we were really ready before – it was probably a blessing in disguise. Now, we’re probably the best representation of who we are.”

Known for their psychedelic rock sound that draws inspiration from artists across the globe, Sons of Zöku will play an hour-long set on the Sunday of the four-day festival. The band plan to blend their expansive back catalogue with newer tracks, like “Earth Chant“. The just-released song is a taster of what we can expect from their upcoming album set to be released later this year.

“We’ve got long songs, so we need a long set,” Oscar says. “It’ll be pretty dynamic. The first 30 per cent of the show will be several songs, but it’ll just sound like this one big thing.” Tabla player Lovepreet Singh will also join the six-piece on stage. The band have jammed with the Indian-born musician before and says the tabla sound elevates the Sons of Zöku experience.
“The tabla takes us to another level. It really adds to our sound,” Jordan says. Sons of Zöku thrive when playing live, using the audience’s energy to fuel their on-stage experimentation.

The unravelling of Zöku songs and sounds on stage is a result of the six band members feeling confident in the genre-defying space they occupy. “But you don’t want to get too comfortable,” Oscar says. “We back the music and enjoy it. But there’s something to be said for being uncomfortable. We’re always trying to push ourselves – especially when live.”

Led by Portuguese-born musicians Ricardo Da Silva and Ica Quintela, Sons of Zöku haven’t shied away from exploring different genres, sometimes leaning into punk and garage rock instead of psychedelic world music. It’s resulted in a unique, expansive sound derived from a kaleidoscope of global influences. Oscar says they’ll only delve deeper into their sonic exploration now the band’s line-up is solid.

Zöku is a platform to musically do what we want. There’s nothing to say we won’t go in a different direction in the future. Influences just creep in.” And besides, the six-piece feels like they’re only getting started.

”There’s been a lot of moments lately where it feels like a rebirth. Big moments happen, and it feels like day one again,” Oscar says. “It’s the start of a new chapter.”

Ricardo Da Silva – Vocals, Guitar
Ica Quintela – Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Jordan Buck – Bass
Oscar Ellery – Guitar
Eddie Hannemann – Drums
Hannah Yates – Vocals

Released May 5th, 2023

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