LIGHTNING DUST – ” Different War “

Posted: May 7, 2023 in MUSIC

Lightning Dust consists of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells they are releasing a new album, “Nostalgic Killer”, due out June 9th via Western Vinyl. The duo shared its second single, “Different War,” via a lyric video.

“Nostalgic Killer” is the follow-up to 2019’s “Spectre”. That same year, Webber and Wells the real life romantic couple, broke up, but vowed to keep the band going.

In a press release Webber says she wrote the song in light of their break-up. “I wrote this song knowing love had died despite our best efforts to revive it. It’s a song about defeat, surrender and acceptance, comparing love to war. Josh ran with this feeling and created an atmosphere of plodding tension, slowly building to an epic orchestral crescendo, then giving way to a lonely spaciousness.”

Previously Lightning Dust had shared the album’s first single, “Run,”

The album was recorded in home studios in Vancouver (Webber) and Chicago (Wells). The duo performed almost everything themselves, “save for a few guitar parts performed by touring band member Rob Butterfield, backing vocals by Himalayan Bear’s Ryan Beattie, and string arrangements performed by viola/violinist Meredith Bates.”

Lightning Dust was previously a side-project for Webber and Wells, back when they were in the band Black Mountain. But in 2017 they both left the mother ship to focus solely on Lightning Dust.

The album “Nostalgia Killer”, available June 9th, 2023 on Western Vinyl.

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