WHITNEY – ” For a While “

Posted: March 12, 2023 in MUSIC

It hasn’t been long since Chicago outfit Whitney released their fourth LP, “Spark” last autumn. Even so, in the wake of that record’s singularity, colour and intimacy, the band bring forward “For A While,” a track they’ve been playing live for over seven years. They’d written it around the time of their 2016 debut, “Light Upon the Lake”, but had never given it a proper studio recording. The song, in its purest form, is an emblem of the first two Whitney records: sun-soaked and brimming with clean, airy guitars that contort delicately.

Drummer and vocalist Julien Ehrlich’s singing is in peak form, as he races across the octaves of a lush falsetto, while Max Kakacek plucks richly beside him. Though “Spark” took big swings at electronic glory, here we get Whitney going back to the basics. It’s not a signal that they’re retreating back to their old sound for good; rather, it’s them giving a beloved live tune its day in the sun. And how lucky we are to watch “For A While” swallow it whole. 

So glad to finally hear a studio recording of the song we fans have all come to know and love as “Rolling Blackouts”! This was a highlight of several live shows of yours I’ve seen – the perfect encapsulation of a peaceful summertime thunderstorm!

“For A While” by Whitney, out now on Secretly Canadian.

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