BLACK COUNTRY NEW ROAD – ” Turbines/Pigs ” Live at Bush Hall

Posted: March 12, 2023 in MUSIC

Cambridgeshire sextet Black Country, New Road put out one of the best records of 2022, “Ants from Up There“. But, just days before the album’s release date, vocalist Isaac Wood left the band to focus on his mental health. In the wake of Wood’s departure, many fans were left wondering how the band would continue. Black Country, New Road trudged on, touring across the world and playing new songs for adoring crowds. Since Wood left the group, the remaining six players elected to not perform any of his songs live.

This week, the band released “Live at Bush Hall”, an artsy, nine-song live record of the material they’ve been playing since “Ants from Up There“. Every song in the set is a triumph, but the treasure is “Turbines/Pigs,” a massive, near-10-minute cut that showcases pianist May Kershaw’s vocal chops. It’s a beautiful chronicling of heartbreak, as Kershaw unspools a story of loss, uncertainty and doubt. “The bubble that you left then / I think it’s safer than the cold / Not too late to go home now / I’ll chew the pill for you,” she sings. After delivering an angelic five verses, the entire band crescendos into an explosive instrumental driven by Georgia Ellery’s violin.

BC, NR is Lewis Evans (saxophonist), May Kershaw (keys), Charlie Wayne (drums), Luke Mark (guitar), Tyler Hyde (bass) and Georgia Ellery (violin).

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